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Magnus looks like a Neanderthal.Linkon He reminds me of Levi my cousin.10:32 Jayblac’s face says it all.This works if you're playing a chicken or a child.You don't have a failure.Mike discussed this in his C programming video but for some reason left it out here.I listened to this video and sales in my business took off.

Anna sounds almost annoyed when AlphaZero doesn't go for Rxa7 followed by Rxa5.He should have moved R4.Man you are my hero.You gave away the answer in the first 10 seconds of the video!Who is the fat lad in the glasses?In the words of the late great Frank Sidebottom "Knew I should have bought V2000".

Earthians creating horoscope and calculating the

Earthians creating horoscope and calculating the

I'd like to make one ASAP.Wow, amazing play.Doesn't deserve the Morphy head.Another realy good score.I know hanzo is good specially he's buffed now, i loved it but if you have a bad team mates, never.Superb narration !Am I the only one who misread "Chessboard" as "Cheeseboard"?We are only beginning.

Nakakaiyak namn.Why do i find them hot?As a kid I played against a couple of grandmasters myself, always got crushed of course.Tolles Teil bin selber auch schon mit Epoxi am probieren.Even if you play like a beast against him the best you can get is a draw.Kakainis nanay dito hahahaha sarap sampalin.What is Tha call of the box?Even for the loser side of the game, and that is the magic potion of your channel, that is why people love your channel, sometimes I really watch your videos again and again and again just for those beautiful possibilities, I wish you could do that with this video too, because it can be one of the kind, when you see the most powerful chess player at that time really crushed and destroyed and humiliated by Ivanchuk, but still there must be some escape routes and ways that kasparov missed.Thank you so much for the video, it doesnt matter what you are making, the techniques you share are awesome!

I feel shop class should be brought back into schools and strict cell phone bans should be in place.3:20 : nice song bro6:22 : HHHOoOly cow.I dont wanna hear no complaints about the stream my shit worked all night lets go champion give my nigga JC his cred yall all had him losing.If the king moves to d7 in the first variation, you're F$ing GONE.The only good you’re doing is making the mask a perfect environment for the virus to enter the body from the moisture in your breath into the mask itself making it useless and an open door for the virus to come into your body.Grabe kase iyak ko dito.

Defeats ON TIME.Usa um pincelpara passar gracha.Requires a jig that saves making 40 some odd marks.Of course Dubov is going to lose to the Champion, who isn't these days?I'm thinking too much.Hello Chess House, can i play on lichess whith that?I didn't even thought chess was interesting until two years ago.What is the music ?

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I don't think Lou took his pills today

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Hi, Onrust. Don't trash the table.Make a routed bevel around the wooden part of the table just outside the epoxied piece.Purchase a 1/2" sheet of clear glass and sink it into the groove around the circuit board.Make the edges smooth or even a little bit higher than the circuit boards.Place it and leave it there.As a life-long artist and art teacher, I believe if you did that, there is someone who loves it as much as I do, who has the money, would buy it for at least $70,000 to $80,000.I know art and have seen items like this go for lots more.It's anexquisitely done, labor intensive piece of ART.At first I thought it was created out of thousands of pieces of colored glass, then when I looked again, I thought it was a tiny town, an industrial district.When I full-sized the page, I was amazed to see a highly original and complex collage of circuit boards!Check on the use of heat guns to quickly remove air bubbles.In miniatures and scale models, we use a lot of "Realistic Water"for waterfalls and rivers.As a former art teacher, I saw all kinds of creativity and excellence in your table.Please don't get ridof it.And sign and date it on the underside, in Sharpie, so it can be seen.Here's hoping some of the idiots (below) go away. Art is a creation of materials made by a person.If you put this table, fixed, up for sale, I can almost guarantee that it will sell.Happy 2020, and don't stop being creative.:o) Donna Blackman

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Nice video!

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Felicidades eres todo un artista amigo !!!!

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This is tight!! The sliding headboard is awesome


watch if you want to get mad . Or go mad .

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Ronnie doesn't grip his cue properly, he will need a lesson to correct it, then the cue will play the shots, not his hand. I could show him.When I was training Alex Higgins in the late 70's he had 12 maximums in practise at the C.N.E.,in 5 days, all Alex needed was a ball spotter who was quick and did not get in his way.

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why danielnaroditskydont play inreal games ie offline FIED RANK???

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I live in THE netherlands its so hot hard core hot where i live its above almost 50!

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Please cover a few draw games as I am interested to see in what positions draws are offered and accepted by high level players


you are doing a great job brother....chess is not the same without tal...tal's games are imortal... if not the best ever,for sure the most fantasy player ever...

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So many words ? So few answers.

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Can i add some milk in cake better??

Fourier transform can transfer signal's time domain into its frequency domain.

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The little dudes trying to Jedi mind trick the old dude , or he’s really into thought on his next move. It’s so cool that young old great minds can sit play one of the most strategic games in history learn from one another . TWO MEN ENTER , ONE MAN LEAVES

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Very nice commentary

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well done sir! my only suggestion would be to use a fine thread for your expansion collet

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muito bom..... Nota Dez

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Suren why didn't Nakamura play g3after Qh4 and once the f4 pawn is capture he can "make use of the vulnerability of the f file"

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mikhail tal ko harte hue kam bar dekha he

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Thank you for all wisdom

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27:55 - I can't see the mate on G7, the queen has no defence and would just get taken? Could anyone explain what I am missing?