Robotics, AI, and the Macro-Economy | Jeffrey Sachs

Child labor is frowned upon in most modern societies.Why does the transition matrix method work (in particular that not quite upper triangular decomposition)?Ti mun ng chi 1 ci clip hay nht.I hope I will be able to sacrifice my queen and win the match one day, One day.Hahaha Good work man, keep it up!Idol patingin nga po ng build at emblem set nyo po.

But you rescued it and patiently began your restoration magic, carefully turning an unattractive, rejected, and unwanted item into a beautiful regal work of art, worthy of its own dazzling display in Versailles!There is not ONE archeological evidence about Alexander existing and beeing a Greek.I have no idea why I'm watching this but it's satisfying.

Always a pleasure to watch.He went past that pawn Oo.I just realised, all triangles seem to be an equilateral triangle rotated through 3D space with our reference fixed to the plane that would view the triangle as equilateral.SuggestionAleksander Indjic vs Tal BaronChess Olympiad 2016I think it's a cool game!Black can just take c4.00 Yes I was right, electronic was pricy then.Hey I'm in class quit it.What a horrible blunder.

I know you're a genius etc, but I cannot get past you slerping your coffee every 25 seconds.I'm confused and scared.Black has to move king then then e7 to d5 protecting that weak pawn.20:10 our worst enemy returns.I made resin pieces can you make my board ?This can't go on.Ive bin playing chess for like ten years n never knew u were allowed to castle to the left never seen any one do it ty.I see red eye behind omar, you same?

"How cool is that?

"How cool is that?

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Man Co

Hi Mr. Is there an opening against e4 u can recommend other than sicilian, which is dynamic and aggressive? Tank u and I enjoyed ur cover on the grunfeld a lot

C List

Damn , that's sweet. I would love to have a CNC.

David Waller

Another great video by Greg.  He's been a huge addition for the channel.  The human did a good job also.  Nice work Shaun.  I love the design of the base.


I'm not able to register my self in this so what shld i do

M.C. M

Enjoyed the video sir,it’s a pleasure watching your videos and learning new tricks and tips!Kudos to you!

Jim Pudar

Looks awesome. I would have used counter sunk screws to hold on the blade retaining piece though

Max Maker

I didn’t watch this. I already have balls of steel.