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4:26 What happen if you take out queen to e7?I have nothing but Respect for this man after watching this videoI wish that i lived near to him and is his student.So grateful I can now buy my dream home all thanks to the help of this.I got it from Thailand.Leather edges would have been better burnished than planed back stiching would have given better look and waterproofing is a must but thats all nit picking really i just left wondering if there is anything this guy cant do and do well.I think Square Off could achieve both of these features through software updates.Danganronpa fans: Kokichi Oma has entered the chat.

This song reminds me of being a little kid and going to my grandmas house every weekend, it makes me sad."Still playing too slowly.So glad to see you've found the following you deserve.

I never learned how to

I never learned how to

I just wish that the commentating would be of a high level too.He's got multiple games that are 5 years old.Frd any furmula.13:16 someone said something.Then gas the strap in when it didn’t even land ya I see where this headed.I feel like I'm the only one who didn't understand a word of this.Hi i'm interested in buying your above item how much is it ?I was listening to chiptune music, how the hell did I get here?I get access to activities like Facebook, Email, WhatsApp, calls, Skype and others.We will miss eric we will miss you.

They will help you like they

They will help you like they

No Dumbledore’s Army?A greater oversimplification: It was.Look what the hell he did to a 3000 rating player o.We all know Jakk wasn't trying to fight anyone in the third.Why did they invite Andrew Feldman?Fuckin hell man.He is not a carpenter, he is an woodcraft artist, amazing piece of art !My gad bonita why so mad.Next time you could glue a wooden style decor on a cheap plywood an coat with polyester - same result.

This man is a genuine man.

This man is a genuine man.

But you are definitely great at explaining things.Me: (WAITING) When will they unite, followed by the video's end.Too good, great Vishy Sir.I watched Pepe commenting in Spanish when he was playing the first two games.First, I'm not going to stop watching your videos because, I still strongly, disagree with your use of a bisquet joiner in the woodworking and cabinet making world.

10:00 I'm looking for

10:00 I'm looking for

Fast spoken right to the point no fluff love it.Damn this is good stuff!I have a difficult time finding decent lumber where I live.8:30 "You can give up some material before checkmate really happens, but those are silly moves.I have many questions but 1st y at 7:29 he didn’t put the castle on the top that should have at least make the opponent struggle I mean he will sacrifice the castle to get rid off the other castle if u know what I mean and then u know it will be easier and much faster.Remembering me when 14years Carlsen beat Kasparov.Now that's what I call a fun video, and it looks like it was fun to play all those songs.Great job on all your videos - much appreciated!I would fck this guy up ez.Nice to have even more variety in the channel!

Domingos Machado

Can't you win by taking the rook?

Daniel Z

I've seen Duncker's candle problem solved another way, but they said that it was incorrect. But basically using tacks holding tacks, and then candle across the tacks.


This always remind me of Techmoan


came for the thumbnail, stayed for the chess

Abhinav Srivastava

Sir can you please do a video with problem solving of composite functions and invertible functions.

Harald Svik

Anyone know why Mozart always write so perfect for this instrument? more than for any other instruments, except when he writes for the human voice in his operas of course

Ganesh Bathina

Hi bro...my rating is 1200s in chess. com ....and can you suggest me from where can I get puzzles of my level

Shirley Muoz

15:01 the saddest moment of your life indeed

Max BetaMax Poindexter

One tip for the hot glue - IPA or Acetone will break the bond of the glue making it come off clean and easy. I still prefer the tapeCA, but sometimes hot glue works better. Nice build, the table looks great.

Pat Dimichele

Smh thug life


how if this gameif play on mobile browser , how we can control of direction that snake(touch) ?

Steve Hardy

A lot of work for a step

Jose Freitas

A huge thank you to you man. Have you thought about doing a live stream playing some blitz or rapid chess? I think itd be awesome to watch you playing live

iqbal hasnan


David Baxter

Made this.Thanks for your excellent explanation and details!

Bi Linh L

Anh chi hay d hiu


you can check my technique

Eduardo Schiavon

Thanks Niclas. This series is really good!


Great job Duda!!


tata - the polluter's coughing tournament, what an irony

kenny ally

LMAO!!! What that means?

Son Phan

Nc4 was much better.

Barry England

Just from experience, I’ve found that doing the sides first and then the header is much easier but again there’s more than one way to do it