Richard Clayderman, Romeo and Juliet, Theme (HD)

For the c r a i c."All the dtails".Harman clicks 18:00.The best chessannel.I don't like watching a video that is sped up from start to finish with very little normal speed.Ang Ganda Ganda naman ni hannah.Talking 4 seconds about the title.

2:00:28 for results.Computers i guess.I've just subscribed to your channel.You have forget this Chess Set:.Will it work in Mobiles?They are constantly talking over each other which is kind of an ear bleed.Improved and reimagined?Happy new year mato!

While white would have two bishops.Second is combat power personally that's fucking retarded.The black knight is pinned and if Nd6 is played, you play Bxb7 and Qd5.Just noticed, this guy looks like kasparov hahaha (the nose).Now if you could do the reverse, that would be something to make a video about!Agad go have some sleep.

It's like football, the

It's like football, the

This generally means less precision.Bloody excellent video.So much fun lol.What a lo8ical move.I like this traps.Don't tell anyone.


The original was great already, I loved the geometric chess pieces on that one, but the changes to this one are definitely an improvement!

Weiwei Su

from the editing of the video I figured you might be my mechanics' DIY Cousin.

Aggeliki Ntovolou

9:38 i hear the sound of siri and someone say geia (hey)


ewan ko ba kahit sa bakwit boys naaalala ko sa kanya si Joji hahaha

Liam Mccarron

I don't remember draughts being this complicated


30 years too late.

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Does anyone else think that this scene is one of the most powerful scenes in the series?

Caped Baldy

I need subscribers guys please help me


I didn't have cinemachine on my version of unity. i didn't even know something like that existed.


I think out of any food choice to make yourself look like douche while speedrunning, pizza is probably the best choice.


I almost feel guilty I get to watch this for free. This is phenomenal work. It's over 2 hours and I'm definitely going to watch this more than once. I needed to see something like this because I feel I need to break through this barrier I feel I hit. Thank you so much.


Pronounced: Mish' eh gan, not Mitch' eh gan.

Darik Foerster

sharing those great ideas with us. thank you so much. respect


Eugene is so handsome. I’m a woman. Why am I self conscious when I look at Eugene


Less than 5 minutes in, and Carlsen's already marked his territory. So impressive!

Ashok kota

Bro manam time batti batkutunnav antav but eakkadiki vellina mana age perugutundi kada... Mana body lo cells chanipotey manam kuda musali vallam ayyi chanipotey... Verey planet meeda ki vellina mana age alaney perugutundi kada Gravetey tho sambandam Eanti bro...

Pablo Bartelotte

Why does everyone use a chisel to round stock on a lathe? You spend too much time keeping them sharp. Start using a wood rasp, it only takes a little longer but saves in the long run. I keep a bunch on hand bought cheaply at Harbor Freight.

Muhammad Bilal

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yuvaraj kandasamy

The funny thing is that i had to see the same ad twice

TerriAnn Beaux

I keep hearing you say "colorant" in your vids. I'm an artisan soap maker and they look like micas. I know there are endless gorgeous colors micas come and how shimmery they can be as they shift position in a pour. I love a good mica dance like the next person. Are they micas you're mixing in the epoxy?

A.K. Shellz

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Eggs Bacon

wheres the other food scientist???

Big Fat Tony's

Or perhaps.....JeffBship thank you for your concern, however, I feel that your concern is misplaced.Consider that the camera angle makes my fingers look closer to the band saw blade than they actually were.AND go F your Mother(delete after laughing)

L Lott

Wow man, good commentary on this game, looks like you have a pretty high chess IQ yourself! Keep it up

Anjani Ramoutar


Mohamed Ashraf

Please in the last example what if black play Qa5 ?

vikram datta

Awesome analysis...