Revolver - The Formula

What was he thinking?Karpov, Tania and GibChess.I was hoping to sit back and watch this tonight before i goto bed.

Then white is winning i think because if he takes with a rook you get rook a7 check which checkmates faster than the way he shows.Did you celebrate Pokemon Day this weekend?The patina of that ammo box really popped after you applied finish.One gauge would do fine.Who else has started saying "Team Black", and "Throws a punch"?Black didn't have a chance, white had all weapons available,black traped himself and couldn't counter attack against the threat, You never wants to find yourself like black, make your pieces available to use,this is a perfect example how a consecutive approach to the game can go very bad, TY Sir, excellent work,.You play out of your mind and defeat absurdly strong opposition then when your purse is taken away from you, suddenly your superpowers are gone.Wawwww ecxelente.It should have a white king.

Okay at first I was

Okay at first I was

The capture can only be done by flanking if you move your piece to do a flank.Hello what's the oil?This Mongrel guy.Which, frankly, seems a little rote.John hugged too AWWWWWWW.I'm 5050 on the pieces.Which engine do you use to review the games inaccuracies,mistakes,blunders etc.I just skipped a ad to watch ads.Well someone liked your Idea so much, they TMed it and made a Kickstarter:.

How stupid is this?

How stupid is this?

The guy, for some strange reason, reminds me of Vaas from Far Cry 3, giving a very much more sophisticated version of his speech about how he realized people all around him do the same thing over and over, expecting things to change :D.Irony: building an instrument meant for electrical amplification with absolutely zero electrified building instruments.It’s not only unnecessary but vulgar and just lame.When are selling these, need about ten.Lovee you friend.If you want to make a video about a game in which Evan’s Gambit was played, I suggest a miniature in which a very young Mikhail Botvinnik declined to accept the gambit and lost quickly: Kan versus Botvinnik, 1929 USSR Championship.My dad listened to classical music on 8-track in his car.

I got one win out of like 20 games.How fantastic,the series on making hand tools is a joy to watch!I’m a VIOLIST in high school and i don’t even have 4 fine tuners.Great Catch, now why can't I get lucky like that.But i like checkmating with lower pieces.


Like u

Gideon Entsey

if you u had jux worked with kasparov for an additional six weeks, u would have being world champion by now

David Gillis

I love Doug Smith's composition, deft phrasing and wonderful guitar playing. One of the best.


Wouldnt rook to e7 at 12:42 checkmate in 2 moves ?

anmol gera



4:28 cringe

Vernon Quinn Jr.

Somebody In The Crowd Said Nobody Likes Him Referring To John John He Still Fire He Beat Geechi Gotti I Know Yall Heard The Crowd Boo Geechi He Choked Tryed To Freestyle... GTFOH


Presh: I didn't figure it outAlso Presh: DiD yOu FiGuRe It OuT?

j ojw

Actually he could checkmate her already when he was attacking her king with the castle

Michael Bookout

excellent videothank you

Ry W

yo I felt that Kevin Conroy Dis.

Paul Morphy

Please sir its not pronounced 'hyper bowl' but its pronounced 'hi-per-bow-lay'Thankyou for understanding...

Tom Sexton

And this Machine was made in


why too much draw. i like if Gm checkmate anothet GM .lol

Projnabrata Seth

Cannot be a better Benko Gambit other than this.I do not have too many good adjectives to describe this game.Real Chess .


that by beating Gelfand so comprehensively, anand has indeed proved that he is the king of the universe - greater than fischer, kasparov and tal. happy?

Alfred Karlsson

The harder the puts the pieces down the bettet tha move :)

Johndave Laranja

Cno yung batang June. C Harvey ba yun?

Ancuta Boldea



suggestion Leela Zero vs Stockfish 10 last game of the match

frankyDawg K

Fuck these little shits! So rude... carlini talks but hes not an asshole but everyone think its ok to be a nasty lil fuck to him. He is a great player and lets it roll off his back to help the kids with their gameBut sadly they dont deserve it