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Very exact and clean work, congratulations!And sorry, but he even looks not all there.I love you, Jerry!Thanks for a wonderful video.I'm ordering one of these planes from Amazon right away.When i was young there were no beautiful girls women playing chess!If I was to rate the Harry Potter soundtrack from one to ten I’d give it an.Love the community 3.

Eric do you offer online coaching?Greetings from Canada.As a nerd, seeing two awesome nerds working together to create something is really fun to watch.Jesus is Holy and sinless, yet He received our sin when He died on the cross, so that we can be righteous before God (2 Corinthians 5:21).Sir Please Explain Something Here how the grid is being drawn what is role of game manager all of this this going over my head.But in the game Bobby kept a large advantage going into an ending up a pawn, also with that white would have two minor pieces against a rook which is judged as being better for the side with two pieces.Thanks for everything guys!Lol I thought this dude was suppose to be smart?

Eugines face ever time he got an answer correct was so cute.What's the practical purpose of the chart being filled in thus way?Im a simple man, i saw agadmator video."If you do t like that you can throw it in the kerocan""It's kero KAHN""But that's not funny".They were also staying in the same hotel as the players and after a daysplaying in the tournament itself she said that most evenings Alekhine was in the crowded hotel lobby playing casual speed chess with a clock in front of about a hundred spectators and guests against the other masters and apart from the add draw he kept on winning effortlessly.Sandhya Jayakrishnan.He should play more maybe he can become chess champion!

I thought this said Anal

I thought this said Anal

Who else is watching but doesn’t know how to play chess?Irritating narration.Webster couldn't sue the creators of "Harry-Potter", for using copyrighted material, because nearly every word in the book is also in that copyrighted publication, known as "Webster's Dictionary"."Battle Ends And Downor Bb Eb Ab Db PLEASE DON'T BE CONFUSED ON THE FLAT SIDE, THIS IS HOW IT COULD HAPPENHow many flats are in the key of Bb?I had just become the richest man in the entire universe.

Please AVOID - at all costs - all

Please AVOID - at all costs - all

You did mention that you're sidelining as a second shooter in a wedding.It's a contradiction.It's established, works good, and is here to stay.0:01 yep that was my favorite moment lmfao.In the final puzzle."still theory" lol haha, the only guy who makes chess entertaining to me, i watched all of his lectures and wish he do more.I used themfor all sorts of projects.Just because people aren't laughing their heads off, doesn't mean they don't get your joke.Vn thch valiant hearts nht.

MMK: Ice Candy (2017) Main Cast: Bela Padilla, with Supporting Cast: Mickey Ferriols, Jordan Herrera, Boom Labrusca and Ashley Sarmiento.Mine would look like an explosion!Oh my word the acting is sooo bad.The only difference was that instead of an onoff switch it was in a pedal form.It first appeared after doing the ouija board the first time, when you went up there.

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l quang lim gii tht y

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Pls make more videos

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i gotta find me a 3d printer or printing company.

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And thats the rook lol

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1 Ba7 Kc2 wins the game.If 2 b6, the bishop gets trapped but by being there prevents the inevitable Rb2 from being a stalemate. Otherwise, 2 ... cxb5 is a guaranteed loss for white.If you try 1 Bc7 instead, simply Kxc7 allows the black rook to block the b column in time before the white king reaches the corner. Finding a stupid way for black to blunder away an easily won game out of grees is not "tricking the AI".

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midgame, is it a good move to put the knight on the "rim" knowing you're moving him to a center square?


gawd the bromance between the brahs.

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Bro! Your voice is so relaxing. I can hear it all day you should make books reading

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36:30 naka missed knight e8 forking king and queen right? dayum I'm a genious wow lovely

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this album is all write but feels a little souless

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Love the dill bit holder


Irina will Krush you in the middlegame, andendgame.Or did I mean 'crush?'

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Looks a clever system

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Yeah, they tried to use the holodeck again, and that's what you get...

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so cool thank you


Hindi ko alam kung walang kwunta yung anak nya????? Do ko maintindihan