Very enjoyable one!Was ur 666th dislike.She watched this upload with me and LOVED it!Enjoyable commentator.I think someone should create a cartoon about Ben Finegold.Let’s take Trump’s wall money and put it towards the Coronavirus needs.D6 after D4 is an attempt to enter Lasker's Defense.

Hopefully something comes of this, but probably they don't care.Daniel rebuttal that vs jay blac?OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.Nice, you are building yourself a good looking interior.That's careless work.I do suck at chess but are you mocking me that I suck?Geechie is terrible.Saw both videos.

One of the BEST episodes so far.Noyhingattractsme.The rook isnf protected right?Wow watching this on December 22, 2019.Photo of finished product was pretty close to the preso:Great videos and look forward to seeing more.(Yes, I know it’s possible to promote to any officer, but it’s usually only done if a queen would lead to a stalemate.Ooooor use right?

Damn joe was ready to go just a hour in.Would love to see the counter-point to this video How to beat the Grand Prix Attack if you play the Sicilian!It reminded me of thisdo u agree?You killed Duras.I'm just a begginer and I'm sure it will help me a lot.You used some really nice art in this video.What is the problem with this scenario?Lets have a beer in Riga!

What happened at

What happened at

Outside of NYC that comes even remotely close to either of the two.Great content as usual, by the way!If countersinking, could one just do that with all of the bolts, including before attaching the sides with the cubbyholes?Hope u make a video on th same.If only these things worked ffs.Tqs and luv you bro.

GOLLUM GOLLUMThief Bagginses stole the precious, we hates it.This battle wasn't really nothing crazy.Not a lie, but you can blieve anything you want :).ANSWER is 1000 how means let us considerWomen stole 1000 from shopkeeper(800 200 bag)Shopkeeper left with -1000Again shopkeeper borrowed 1000 from neighbour and returned it.Adobe can smd, you no longer own it, it’s just a lending software that you pay the rights to.Where does a person find good table saws that aren't cheap made in china garbage anymore?Did he pull a piss jug out 6:50?No mucking about with putting an adapter onto each record.Try a router sled to remove excess resin.It's like Bach his music is pleasing to the ear, just as so many others.

I actually really like this video style.

I actually really like this video style.

8:15 Oprah has entered the battle.The casualcertainty of the thinking behind the phrase "nothing is magic in this world" (well, that's how it comes across to me) is a good example of someone who knows nothing at allabout how much he doesn't know. I've been wanting to make or buy one that is about 3 feet long and 2 feet wide.I have to add that those scissors are the whimpiest scissors I’ve ever seen ha!Ben school's Star bucks employee's at the end lmao.


At 9:48 white should not continue 10.Ne4 because of 10...Qe5 even if white can still get a clear edge with 11.f4 or 11.fxg7. Instead 10.fxg7 Rg8 11.Nxe6 fxe6 12.Qh5 Kd7 13.Nd2 lead to winning attack.

ahmad danial Sulaiman



Beautiful music, feeling good

Senju SZN


Vinay Kumar

This game is insane....

billybanjo 49

Tbh I quite like lamb brain

Joe Nop

All of a sudden I have a craving for Eggs......

MR. Metaformagus



The way you just draw the lines freehand on the wood so nonchalant has me mesmerised you have some serious skill, I adore this piece

Scott Carlass

You have to wonder what the FUCK Carlsen was thinking when, at 21:30, he did not move his rook to g6

Shaun Meier

Thank you, Josef and your team and staff for amazing printers, with amazing quality, instructions and support! My first printer was a kit with 6 photo-only steps and it was a disaster. I still want to get it running again, but my MK3 takes all my free time, I love it so much and I can't wait to buy multiple MINI'S!

Captain Obvious

Drinking is a waste of time. Smoke weed or do lsd now n then. Besides that just exercise frequent snd eat well. Royce knows that he just wants attention.


At 9:30 what is the way white continues the attack after black plays e5?