Real vs. Jelly Bean Challenge // Disgusting or Delicious?

But my man Nakamura would destroy this patzer.Maybe that movie was more prophetic than anyone realized.It's amazing coding." --anon quotes"Many are stubborn in pursuit of the path they have chosen few in pursuit of the goal.This is amazing!The win against pg024.

Prime itread instruction n prime it.How come infinity is not a number but infinitesimal must be one number?This is what is known as a grandmaster that has ascended above a grandmaster.I'm completely sure.But anyway great video as always.Great work look forward to the entire solar system!Great game by Vishy though.Despite it being a loss, he still did pretty well in this simul.Whos care with castle?Thanks for sharing love watching all of your flame work etc.

Ee msg share chesthe 1psmsg vastundi ani cheptaru.Coloque no modo "Sinuca"De nada.  A completely amazing piece of work.When is black playing.I just beat a 1294 i was 1193, i just waited for the mistake to come and tried to improve my postion and it worked.I like your table joan,ang cute kusang nag momove,.I get these same thoughts in my head 2:05.Indescribable holisticly, what you see is time duration timing modulationcalculus.Who pissed into your morning coffee jimmy?I was hoping that we're entering an era where hardware dictates how software develops, not the other way around.

Do you get some of

Do you get some of

Why not Bf4 by black ?This one the most hilarious king hunts I’ve ever seen.A torsion box on top of a frame on top of a half frame on top of a half torsion box flanked by heavy profiled legs for rigidity.Black doesn't lose the exchange because black will lose just a rook, but white will lose a rook and a knight.You explained some of them in the video but there are some that you leftout.How to install j5ps in windows 10?Do you have a smart phone?Great video, loved it D.What's this opening called?This is incredibly valuable.


I really like board games, and I think this is a good alternative to modern chess - its easy to learn and pick up, but obviously hard to master. Nice tutorial

Jemar Latombo17

Chess is infinite learning.



Heaptitis Zaids

what is this game

Donald John Trump

13:10 couldnt the rook capture the queen?

Kevin Luke

Insane. . It kept goingafter the coursetoo. !! 100


Ah, you explained just a moment later

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Ding Liren uses the module in games, cheats, check their games and compare it with the stockfish module and they are the same!As the games are broadcast live someone may be sending vibes to Ding Liren in walrus code to make the module plays!They must pass x-rays to the players !!!

David Lemayian

A few more answers that work with the scenario: 18,746 . 34,371 . 49,996 . 65,621 and 81,246. :)Absolutely stoked being able to solve it with Javascript!

Venkat Babu

How do you construct a perfect fair dice. Essentially circular planes are the only partitions of fair dice and spherical cannot be achieved through fair.

Belinda Clogg

I love it

Mariam Jafari-Nassali

The hmmm IM SCREAMING! y’all did emily dirty

Robert Brown

This made my head hurt

Huyen Dang

Hay qua anh em cho anh 1like

Ciudad Viva

Hello Attila. What materials do you use, the name of the wood, and work with aluminum?

Freddie Wall

HahaApril fools

Rahul Govind

Hahaha Chinnappudu

Robert Vaughn

$100 dollars

markus thiel

Quick questions:What do the ball bearings do under the m4 screw (what is their purpose)?

Stan Skaggs

I am wanting to do a kind of raised panel but with sheets of glass instead of the wood panels... Have you ever done this?Wondering if you have any advice or experience?

Kimberly Berry

Moe! You haunted asf!

Cluckery Duckery

i did this by hand once, but then i realized i had to go back and add all the numbers, which made a 3 minute task a 12 hour one

Widya Putra

A bed


Nice !!

Savage jenamy

its very easy an