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Maybe I don't see something, but if this works I thought it might be fun to share.And this is done using gilt.If it was done by hand then I would be impressed.And since when has whether or not a computer can do it been the standard for what is or is not valid mathematics?The only upgrades I have done to it is to install a better power supply and a SSD for the boot.Hello to all of you my cousins of various distance!Do they have those over here or is it a United States thing?You explain very well with clear instructions.

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The game was already completely won

The game was already completely won

What type of blades are you using for cutting the joints?I am six foot two so ideal to save my back when working well done.33:10 Girl sneaker heads!He (and also the narrator in the video) seems like overlooked white's move 26 Qa4 -which is essentially a solid move to bring the white back into the game.I don't know how long it would take me if I could use a damn board and pieces.Idk why but I laughed really hard at the.

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Ik vind dat je hele leuke video’s maakt

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4:03 XBORG scared even he has immortality

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Snell's Law makes you go macht schnell.

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Appreciate your patience in describing this confusing device

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I did it


Loving Carlsen's smile at the end,,,,,,,,,,,peace

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exist for psp ?



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early eeeeee

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What's with all the screws holding the two pieces of plywood together?

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Antonio: (narrates his own over-the-board tournament games)Opponent: (?)Antonio (scratches his leg) ''sorry about dat!"

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Shouldn’t Selena be a abbys? She says it in her line when you stare into the abbys, The abbys stares back