Unlike this video.Learn something from him.Friend: How extra are you?My god how have I never heard of this guy.BE VERY CAREFULL WITH THIS OLD MAN.

In any case the queen sacrifice while it did work was takingbig risk because it took a great while for black to win.I have been dreaming to be like him but people keep telling me it is fictional so it not possible to be done really.With the 5C collet, it gives a nice thru hole for longer stock if neededJohn.I can't stand the kind of onion rings that the level 3 chef makes.Why does the center of mass change?Kno Piano Music.I figured out another possible way to beat it LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL.Thank you, I will try this process on my Dell desktop.

4:45 me and my friends were making bets on moves and I bet that he will play any move but the king and.You not get anything!How do I get one of those rings?I don't think there's anybody in the history of chess who's as resilient, as slippery, as hard to beat as Magnus, and his bulletblitz games take it to a whole new level.Does it applied or useful in latest string theory?No need to speak just show minimalist video is better than nombrillisme.Wow that's a amazing story.Bob can then know the amount is not 18, since she passes more than 10 times, so he can guess on the 11th day.", "An airstrike!If you were to buy screws (I presume course types) to be used with 34 inch birch plywood which would be countersunk which screw would you userecommend?

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I hope I can

I hope I can

Katawa paman ko gatan-aw pagsugod, pag abot sa 12:55 gasugod na'g pakilid ako luha.It will take another cosmic catastrophe to crunch it into small pieces that spread throughout the universe.I think Davie504 gonna slap you if he sees you Like Down If you are fan withDavie!Imtosoz AISO SO AON A NROS INIMDOD JMDIE ME BUT NE ON 0:830()B-):'(O:-):-:-.How can I make that black kingdom.

leo sky

Nice video as always Jerry, cool trap. Can you tell me what is the name of the song you always put at the end of your videos? it's so relaxing...


Badabun has aleays been cancer and their subscribers are mostly bots. Some of the members have been involved in pedophilia and drug crimes. They are universally hated and they know nothing about videogames

James James

Canadians are hilarious


1st view and comment? Must be my lucky day! Love your vids Jerry! Keep them coming.

Rui Alves

"The ring around the rosie tactic"


i prefer a small retrosnub icosicosidodecahedron myself


jonah hill should play in a movie about something cool this guy did once.....

aljoy bascon

man I love that kid .


Gamers blaming on mouse performance ... since on online chess

Eavenhascht Krauger

Life hacks/so yummy.Foolers.

Natasya Ramadani

"komedi pasti menyinggung?",menurutku gaa,yg penting jalan ceritanya nyambung ,ada sedikit kemesraan,ceplas ceplos dari pelawaknya dan ga mikir,dan celetukan" yg membuat penonton ngakak