Rapid Games at Paris Grand Chess Tour | Chess in the 21st Century - WGM Tatev Abrahamyan

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Is it just me or does he have like a pedo vibe?Like when a "medieval" kingdom has been around for 1000 years and yet.Though, it may not have been a school night, Ria still had to get some rest.

What are they writing on

What are they writing on

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Coolest GM ever.Had to mute the video.You sir are a machine, thank you for knowledgeslainte.So many sexual innuendos.I bought tutorials from brad, Andrew mead, watch and code etc and even if I am understanding it, I am merely copy pasting.Minecraft at hom:.It seems the prof indicates they are the same gas in the two experiment.You chess fags think your so smart and superior.

When you said, "Tale of the tape" I paused for a second.I am incredibly disappointed by the number of fails the researchers found.Looks really good.Keep up the good work.I wish i had some of that emergency food right now for me and my kids and my mom and dad.

Fantastic video, thanks very much!Entirely pointless.To note, Robertson wood screws are much more common her than Philips.So far I'm liking your channel and the places are creepy.Hes better than me(I think) when Im 14!That's in my classroom.They come up with the idea, say it's totally doable with the day's electronics, probably have an idea to make a cartridge like an Atari takes, and then some bean counter comes in and slaps an 8 track on the table, "Make it work with this.Convex side toward the bulb or not?Would it be able to defeat either Fischer or spassky in a game like this?


Bloody hell.from the uk...this is so mind boggling and so alternately incredible!!! Love the work vert talentet mind..peace and love


Huge Respect Neil! Amazing skill and humbleness.. Loved the build, thank you.Regards from yer Rugby rivals in South Africa, Mark

Oedipe Golden

Mais pourquoi il a un micro lui 3:25...???

Martin Torres

19:12 Yes good catch my friend!!! However no dis... but to some it clearly sounds like a little girl saying ...can you play with me?

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Those turned out really nice and look perfect in that room. Nice place to hang out and sit by the window.