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Thank you for the tutorial!Does Skylines have a way to simulate the effects of traffic accidents?It is not a secret at top level that you can put Anand under serious pressure in seemingly even end game position.3:00 yeah, you don't have enough checking distance but you can play the best move which is Rc6 which forces the black king to move only inside of those four corner squares.the Trump jokes.I wish that everyone could be kids like Harry Potter and the characters were at the time that the movie came out 18 years ago.I once spent 6 months making a snooker cue (clearly had no idea what I was doing as it took me so long).

So how can we apply this to transportation?They'd be so disappointed in me.For making the whole a little bit deeper for the screw, so that the screw head sinks a little bit lower than the level of the surface of the wood.I actually used the same move as white did today, felt unintelligent.Couldnt Magnus just check him with the queen forcing the king to move and then taking his bishop at 13:24?

6:40 The laugh LOL.He has done wrong 8year old boy.Dont understand why no changes if i change screen ratio.Who the hell is rebbica Harris!When they said "who's James" Keiths face was iconic lol.

I'm the 1000th viewer.We know little about why we are created and how the world is created, maybe only GOD knows, but we can work hard to find the secret held in the hands of GOD.Why is this not considered?Al Sweigart is a great author if you want to learn python from his books.Gamers don’t socialize.Devra Davis of the EH Trust dot org.Thank you so much.But are you ignoring the possibility the rook moving during the point where you are triangulating the queen?

It is the Zenon problem with Achilleus and the turtle, The limit of the series would reach 2 while people thought it was infinite.Where is the oil and coolant passages?Anyone else just a poor kid who loves this stuff.I love ChessBase India.Also, the way Carlsen was mating with the B N is correct.Is this available for purchase?I was working with a beeswax finish when I first saw this video, then I rewatched when considering finishes for a different project.Hindus: There are multiple gods.Hi, it's a very good job.Another beautiful game by RJF!

Anonyomous KING

If we have to consider only worst case Scenarios then in grouping also why shouldn't we consider the worst kind like pairs of 2 or 4

Linda Martin

Can anyone tell me how to remove a permanent "little half shelf" in a cabinet? I have one in an old buffet I took and turned into a work table...I used the dining table as the table top. Boy is this thing heavy. I still have a lot of work to do on it to get it the way I want it. I'd like to put a sliding shelf/tray in the buffet but I have to remove that half shelf. I don't want to tear out the sides that it's attached to.Thanks for any suggestions...I'm new at this, but it sure is fun.

Samuel 2

The Song at the end moved from Fmajor to Cmajor right?not Cmajor to G major

Harry McCart

wish he had taken a bit quicker to show the game! I mean half the video was him choosing options and then changing them back again, great fun to watch.....not

Prudvi Raj Ogiboina

Dare...... Needed an appreciation

Manchester C

Think the dad when he's explaining thing thinks he's talking to four year olds

Ryan Taylor

I must say, this one video has changed my whole way of thinking about tactics... Got a 1600 rating through it, whilst on chess.com (which I used prior) I am 1100!


Orse, Orse, Pass The Sauce. Top notch instructional video, I feel smarter and more useful just by watching it. Thanks from Australia, Mr Jim H, a truly awesome vid, which almost makes me wish I still had access to joinery shops. When I did we were just pumping out basic stuff most of the time, and I could not wait to get out of the joint and back on site. If I had been left to play around making artfully designed furniture, instead of utilitarian shopfitting cabinetry and windows and doors and stuff, I may have liked workshops more.

Sagar Shah

Thank you David!

mark unrau

haha at 1.22 after checkmate he tried to move Kf1....the king shifted a bit then stopped it's pretty quick but easy to see

alex viera

Amazing tutorial


b=4/5(a-1),c=4/5(b-1)...f=4/5(e-1). f/5=Natural number g. Guess and check until you get g=184, which goes up the chain to get a=3121. (I got tired of guessing and checking so I watched the answer part of the vid, plugged it in for a, and it works.) NotEvenAMathMajor

Miguel marcelo Abregu tuesta



IP = Internet address


ur website is shit i cant verify the email it says invalid link.



Manusia Laknat

4:51 Kita mengakui kekalahan Is Indonesia no Malay ajg

Logan GD

Laser beam