Ranking Every JoFoe

16:40 I had GG in the first before we got to the 2nd and 3rd, Blac.Amazing channel!Right except that all handcuffs use the same key.Most stupid game that I ever seen.Japan: Keikaku dori America-kun!A good mallett has straight grain, no knots, made from maple aged and dried for 3 years.Asfjkjmg bjdxbk cjxsh.

35:32 what about play Qd4 ?If you wont be agresive, you wont ever play on the edge and you wont improve.Nice project Steve - have a great weekend.I like it a lot!Hello jimmy,do u have instagram?As consumer level 3d printing is evolving consumer level scanning still sucks.I'm curious how sturdy it is with all of those joints though.I was so used to the noises that after digital technology I couldn't bear the high quality of the same songs and radios.

Or is there a way to prevent this?Drywall tape is made out of paper.It's very interesting.This is like real madrid playing huesca but for only 5 min speed chess never tells who the best is.One of your best builds I saw so far.Get Real and Balanced in reporting this!

:)Just saying, its stupid fast anyway and the orientation irrelevation is awesome.I'm sure there's a lot more footage here.What a great build.I really would have liked to hear about schools closing.Watch Huff Paranormal who does it peacefully, respectfully quietly.Especially bureau's, there's no use for them anymore.

Xd Carlsen : what ?How can a "study" be "solved" ?This was sooo great!Make it look easy!There is a highground.It's like a 13 year old Magnus vs A world champ Kasparov.Sensational choice of music and a really lovely edit on this video mate made for satisfying and relaxing viewing.Amazing work, you have got to fill like a kid in a candy shop ever time you walk into you shop lol!

I sometimes feel these videos are fake.How do you turn it on ?He plagiarized and stole ALL scientific ideas he picked up on, mostly while in London.2:32 When you get an A on a test you didn't study for.Only been barely a year dude.Are you serious?Not really craftsmanship if power tools are used to create the joint.The cup is bottomless.You need to elucidate.

Ayush Raj Singh

Wow awesome

Marshall Lawhorn

always brush on a coat of poly before apoxy will fix the bubbles a lot

DaGreatOne boys

hosh maruban

Harry Sharp

Does Medo now need a licensing agent?

Dagg M.

This is great, It took me 25 years to find out everything about this cricle of fifths in detail. Until now I interpreted this circle wrongly.Many thanks and long live YT

Thomas Mahoney

Tal was a genius

Matheo Langbach

The chances of him beating bobby would be 0 in 10000000000000000000000000000000

Simen Christensen

I can think of numerous ways to mechanically pull the pieces with an electromagnet. But how do you track the movements done by the players?

Jobie banais

ito ung inaabamggan ko .. sa luneta

Vetle Wrs

Topp ten thing you have produced without doubt:) keep making this fantastic arts:)

Malcolm Weyland

like it