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The youngjohn estrada.It may cause issues with people who have nut allergies.But nevertheless a funny video, thanks.Like Royce didn't have him included on his list cause, No Diss.Those questions are asked in good number.Silver and blue?Bisa jd atlet catur ni.Thanks a lot for this video.

I just looked at the subscriber count which was 3.These are really great thanks!Old men know they can't, so they blame the women for being beautiful and causing their desires.How could you do this with a piece of paper?Next time Alireza will be called "Ali"?

Outstanding build.

Outstanding build.

I have made this cake with this recepie.Only agadmator can make "hyperbolic time chamber" sound cool.Why do you and the majority of YouTube channels charge for PLANS when our subscription and thumbs up earn you money.Those carbon fiber rods would probobly preform better.Bishop Rook,King Its A StaleMate.Someone has to be truly worthy to get a hand cut dove tail.

Eric: oh I need to win?

Eric: oh I need to win?

Then you used your caliper to scratch a line on your brass.Beautiful work there Jimmy, It is a joy to watch you working.Dont piss it away Magnus however tempting.I really like the philosophical stuff you have started with.I want my giant brick monsters damnit!Some people never learn.Sir, You are JS boss.Agadmator is the Dovydas of the chess community.Very much enjoyed that!Not as humble as cold, becareful!

Absolutely beautiful!Halfway through the project and I find the companion video!Haha you call them "tricky" knights.Ang galing talga n JM.So no, you do not have these machinary inside you.

Meerkat Messerchmitt


CrazyFox -PlayZ

Really surprised that frank didnt make his own raw onions

Jacob Downey



That huge smile is really something else...hahahahahaha

Andrea Gaisser

"remember... the entrance to the sanctuary is inside you" Rumi


my first project was a wooden car, lol, pretty useless but looked cute

Anthony Davtyan

Beautiful. Just stop saying forgiving.

manu bore

1.49 how the hell some human can ever think to push a pawn free on g6 c'mon that is crazy i never see it a game like this, at that point what do you do???...what Carlsen would do,f6 ?? WoW

Kang Komen

i still dont understand why tal didnt capture knight d2 at 21:46

Arxontas TV

I bet that I could trick this guy


If we don't have cream cheese than what .can we do ???

Jerry Sagabaen III



I think it is a brilliant idea. I would love to buy one if you were making them to sell.

Romen Chongtham

23:00rook to e3 is an alternative!?

Johnny T.

Ye he didn't exactly reunited Greece more like conquered

Theo Ginting

What happened if after QC battery on the f file Spassky goes Kg8 add extra protection to f8 square?If Fischer goes Cf7 then simply play a waiting move with that castle on c7, if Fischer kick the king with Qg3or4 check, Spassky can avoid losing his queen or draws the game no?

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Carl Williams

My question is who is running the cameras? So what is a ?


3:30 Man, I know what you were trying yo say, but you made a mistake. Thanka for the rest


That game is not playable


i like how he says its about a match between 2 world champions but more then half of the video is him talking about moves that werent made and what would had happend if those moves were played

fares aboshahla

The 70 percenttt impressive

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