Racing Game with SFML

Ur logic making it confusion.Of that chess set plz?White (seemingly out of the blue) offers his queen, but black cannot take, because after 24.I'm going to make one.New to your channel.Magnus could fart and this guy who be first in line to sniff it.20:33 I'm just a beginner but you can't deliver check mate with only a queen and a king can you?

Its 1 am at us the time this video came out.Get someone without a huge fuckin speech impediment, can hardly fuckin understand him.I've been waiting for you to upload this!Love your energy.No chance for a draw with equal figures?DONTSTEALFUCKINGSAVAGE.

I caught Walmart at

I caught Walmart at

Is that a good knight vs bad bishop domination or are you just happy to see me?At first I tought it was a ''this old tony'' video, I was like : wow he's so silent in that one.Sya ba si super tekla?I would hire you any day.Beautiful work old Tony!We are also assuming that light cannot penetrate a solid object when in fact different forms of light penetrate different objects as well.You mean latin letters?

14:06 Bishop captures,rook captures on g6, not bishop

14:06 Bishop captures,rook captures on g6, not bishop

These people see 10 moves ahead.They make epoxy tables all the time and recommend sanding not more than 320 grit.I've been playing the Sicilian (including 1.He then got eliminated 2-0 in the rapid knockout.Thanks for sharing your tips and knowledge with up Sir.At 31:10 how did he take the pawn?

Wish we could go

Wish we could go

Freaking LASERS, Boy!2:30 Queen to H3 wins him the game.My husband is a huge backgammon fan and he owns many deluxe boards.8:26, wow i thought that white rock ispreventing castle.You have explained it perfectly, Thank you so much, and more thanks for making the source code available.Bit coin is the future because you can’t touch it.I will shurely do some for my table saw.

Michael Danner

I accurately guessed how many beers the Stanley cup holds, definitely got way too excited about it

arthur block

I love the stop motion photography you use from time to time!

infinity true power power infinity

wasting time that all...................................

Marcos Rittner

I found the move so easily

Ben Scarborough

great use of onion skin. cool seeing the technique followed up with a belt sander. of all the people using cnc in their videos you are one of the few who really seems to understand the technology.

Labra800 Jaydeep Special

srry spelled wrongly -) its "Reply" -D


get some sleep Ben

Quirky Panda

I don't like the fact that you have to be prem to face magnus. A new chess champion could be destined to beat this guy non-stop but he's hindered by having to pay money on a silly virtual game.


The thumbnail looks like a periodic table of chemistry.

Ellis Design and Trade Co

Just curious how many people noticed Ski mask, lighter fluid,rope and burlap bag on the shopping list, lol!

Nino Janjgava

waiting the performer

George Fares

And that's why if the DNC makes corrupt Biden the nominee I'm voting Trump in the general

Gregory Fenn

Also I’m confused why the probability of hitting somewhere on the square is uniform, surely if you aim for the centre then you’d expect some kind of normal or triangular distribution such that the mean=median=mode is (0,0)? You could say the probability of hitting near the circle’s edges has a pdf of 0.0 and the center has a higher pdf, with a cone defining the probability density function over the plane, with the peak of the cone sitting above (0,0). Does this way of thinking give a totally different answer?