"Show Me Your Papers" Law in Santa Monica, CA

I want to try this recipe at home.What abt queen to b1?The evolution of WWMM.Everything from songs to commercials were placed on carts.Hug to hugReply ka dito.True sportmanship.

Apparently the camera is mounted on his dog's back.Can't express how much I appreciate your videos and the paradigm shift it has given me.What you had heard was a music box like the old ones that have a dancing ballerina inside when you open the lid.Ty alot my friend.

Free speech is just too good.Yet Starship Mine establishes that trilithium resin is a byproduct of the Enterprise-Ds own warp core!Hello,What is your name.Tuff times but we made it thru the hard times.I've been playing Tablut and Brandub (both are members of the Tafl family of games) for two months now.Of course these infinitesimals only exist in the mathematical world and not the real world as in the real world we have the Plank limit to size or length.Holy fuck that's an awesome chess board!Damn wish we could’ve seen warshep a third time.I only lost bc the wood for my car was old and a piece near the wheel flaked off and threw a wheel off.What I meant was there is not a lot of positional strategy in the game compared to something like chess.

Very helpful video.You are responsible for getting me addicted with chess.Whats the difference between this method and the other method wer you add tge dry and wet ingrediwnt alternately?I miss the old workshop.That was a bloody p1sser, top notch job mate, clever, well thought out and well made.And why do they break every time.Magnus cook: big blunder.What is it about indian women, they give me a hard on.The last jig for doing trim moulding.What exactly do you mean when you talk about "isolating" the bearing on the router bit, is it just making sure that the bearing runs free and smooth?

I have always learned that bishop is 3.Thnx for creating chennal.Iloveyour videos.I also like to have unsafefunctions(e.These things have one agenda is to take you to hell.The shape of things to come.Great video and beautiful work!Then it would be perfect!Not smooth Carlsen, not smooth.

1:41 great start.There need to be more such matches.Swap doubble D with lipo batt.He should be worshiped as one of the main co-founders of our technical age.I hate to say this but it was way predictable that this will happen.But why would you?Just to make sure your skills aren't declining, you should tilt all the shelves at 7 degrees for the next one.Combined with theAJ Reichers frameing handbook and tables you can cut any stair or roof and find any angle very quickly and even much more accurately and precise.Dia anaku yg pling sakti, kuda aja diangkat sma dia.It's way too clinical.

That huge spin on the ball really make the opponent to panic, legitmately need a proper timing to counter the spin.It's too disgusting.I'm still waiting for my Square off board, but I've been testing the app.The moment when he said to Magnus that hisgame wasn't smooth.They can rock heels and kicks.Gotta beat the rust off.His body language and facial expressions piss me off.Fantastic job mate.

Linus: my side is

Linus: my side is

A dead piece of woodIt's fossilized.Jediking12 Becasuse, whenever he lost a horcrux he losted a part of his soul - his own.Wow this guy is so cringey and the stuff he was writing sounds like one of those cooking or DIY blogs that stay at home moms write.Xd Carlsen : what ?Stayed for the entire duration.Paganini equivalent of my instrument?Where can I buy one of your planes at?

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I subbed when you had like no subs

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I got a spell book for Christmas and legend has it I've been studying spells ever since.

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I need more Buffalo :(Very inspirational speech, well-spoken nonetheless.

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Black guy...you are WRONG.Biden is experiencing dementia.It's obvious.And he's a pathological liar.

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5:18em n phi i Rd5 kiu g cng bt tt phong hu ch ng tip qu

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Great... Thanks!!!!

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5:40 is where the video starts. You're welcome.

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One I have to say Mr. Paul... 1000 BRAVO!!!

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Hi. What is that you spray on your projects? Thanks for sharing

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periodic table of out times

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RIP Jimmy's Glue2014-2014

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I think that there should be no music so we can hear not very loud noises, It does make the video more creepy but I would want to hear all the small noises.

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Krystal Ball is such a good political analyst.

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love the humor in the videos

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Jangan lupa superhvh mobile legends lucu

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But what if mouse moves every day from 4-3-4-3-4-3-4........ ?????


"Results Not Typical"

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Where can i find that photo Mr.Omar?


I use Unix like operating system almost more the twenty years. You did a great job with the tutorial for beginners. cheers


29:50 When Uncle Naka takes his time for his Streamers


chuky focus on clock not board....huaheho