QUEEN SAC! ♕ Roesch vs Schlage ♔ Chess Traps in the Ruy Lopez opening!

I don't find maths, it finds me.I've definitely been on the receiving end of most, if not all, of these.In the game you could pin point the moment Nakamura realised his move wasn't very well.Still looks like a wheel." Solution edit: I changed the second parameter of "if (demo.I'm the hottest Artist coming outta Selma, Alabama.

Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.I am lost right now even listening to the explanation.Sure, there's a check, letting black's queen slip away from the rook b1 trap (which happens anyway), but that seems like a fairly okay trade, considering black's queen is basically chased all the way back to start, leaving white with a vastly superior development?I MUST STOP AND THINK FFS!

Show the completed product

Show the completed product

5:30 black is sacrificing?Not meant in a bad way.There was a sin on your video about how they built the diamond temple but my guess is that they just guess or the person who gave the sin he did not know that Alan Becker is a Minecraft player.But it is not applicable to our great Madras Tiger.LMAO WTF WAS THAT SHITTY GARAGEBAND SONG IN THE INTRO.My mba is from mid 2014 and is working great even 6 years later.To me you are a teacher of teachers, thank you for your wisdom, we do not avandone please.Anyone else get the back to the future joke?Can't believe how clear it sounds when played back on good equipment.

By the way the dude she

By the way the dude she

Hari Krishna, Buddha, Jesus Christ !If I had a dollar for every time someone coughed during this video.But what you ask is impossible.Usually a rotor bit is used.Make it using lap joint 2x4s and it will tear down in 5 mins.How the hell does that thing fly?Kohinoor Banerjee.The music gets really annoying.

Sir, we are honourably seeking your assistance in the following ways.Man, that app was runninglike itneededmore caffeine.I do all my calculations via dominos.It's not like he could keep that a secret.If you have to sac your queen to win, does that mean you can leave it passively hanging and Alexandra cannot take it?Cheaters never win.You said black would be forced to move the bishop back to protect the b7 pawn, couldn't black just move his queen to d7, developing his queen while protecting both the b7 and d5 pawns.Is it even possible to think 17 moves ahead, especially if your opponent makes an unexpected move!Thanks again and good luck!If black is unfortunate enough to have castled short it is pretty much game over in about 10 moves (but I don't need to tell you that:).

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What about Kel Wood?


Play this video in slowmo reverse. That's how you will get it back together. I want to see that video


4:18 when your Minecraft dog that you have owned for a long time gets shot by a skeleton and dies

Tonny Montana

speed up put the music from the Benny Hill show.

mohammad amin sarabi

Bobby fischer and capablanca and adolf anderson : morphy is the greatest player ever played this game

Ryan Aaron

This gives me anxiety


Who else got the Common reference but didnt actually know if he meant the rapper himself

Francis Rodrigues

23:00 - We think thr same about the Settings UX in Linux distributions.

Baba Ramdev

What is the name of the song?? The one in which he say "Boris Boris Boris..."

happily twisted

liar's statements are sometimes too detailed.

Johnathan Grey

I can't stand the dump ass official's.At the ceremony as we celebrated the first place winner.I walked to the girl who beat me.She was crying and was a grade lower then me.I announced to everyone that it wasnt fair they choose me when she beat me.Her name was Vanessa Ortega.I gave her that trophy that i so richly did not win.I told my parent's about what happened.Back in the 90's schools were still kinda sexes toward female's.I hated seeing me niece be treated different and my sister being treated unfairly and unjust.I remember that girl and she thought i was crazy for telling the facts.But facts were being erased when i know she didn't cheat.The game was wired and monitored for crying out loud.I had to face the truth.The truth is that girl was just a better player then me.They called the game Deep Blue vs. Empress.To this game i remember the bishop forking my queen and king.She black i was white.She just out witted me.And i lost.But chess is winning and loosing thats all its about.But the official's said otherwise.I hate the official's.I like to think she beat not only me but the sexism that plague the schools during the 90's.

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I like your fence system, simple but working good, thanks for detail