I watched all mikhail tal videos of agadmator and now that ive finished watchin them all i decided to watch newrecent videos from him and i gotta say.Thanks for sharing.I just don't get what's so incredible or useful about this.Let's say this method brings Stockfish to 40 ply deep and there is a better move for the opponent at 36 ply it will have to get back and see if there is a better move at 36 and returns to that depth, could go deeper again or further back.I dont find this game very impressive if Anand had black and sac queen that would be one for books.

This is real sportsmanship!Lasker the Great Champion got a little to cute there- at the end !You need some military training.Milling can take forever too :D.

Iran vs aze but actually they both are Azeris ethnically)).I don't know a better player in Poker than Daniel.Like a spacefaring shaman or purplebluegreen for a galactic monk?Really proud of Mr.Call me nitpicky but I don't really get the purpose of the line.Just rush made me pick the wrong square where to lift my rook to.Or instead play something like bishop takes b2, and after rook takes queen, black plays rook takes e1, followed by knight takes e1 and then rook takes queen, leaving black ahead.Sixto Corbo Barreto.

The easiest way is to test

The easiest way is to test

Well that turned out pretty fine.The answer is fries.What it's use in practical problem?Genius expresses itself in many ways.Bishop takes Queen3.

Mainly etcetera.

Mainly etcetera.

Nooooooooooooooooooo!In fact if white wants to fight for an advantage he must address the threath of b4 and play 15.How do you adjust the unit for proper tone?Me: me "refreshing" my chess after a 20 year pause!Chi onlinegiao lu vi mi ngi i a.Love that Ulmia workbench.4:08, How if black try d5?This is a particularly good video.

This video: How to make moneyKid: HmmmmmKid: makes a video of breaking mom's credit card.13:23 why not Qe2 forking the bishop and the rook?Jan Gustafsson has the advantage until move 20.Knots to attach anything to anything.We are our own worst enemy.How does rap become a norm.Agad please make more AI chess analyse in the future.When I close the refrigerator door does the light inside go off?Awe inspiring command of the strategy plus tactical apsects of the game by Karpov, one of my all time favorites.Also a replica version would be great.

Gmn klo disaat gajah makan kuda dan gajah dimakan benteng, trus posisi mentri diancam dgn gajah?And what kind of web you can code that to do it and that is python?Couldn't you win by taking all of them?I was searching on how to inlay crystals into wood and came across the part 1 video and watched both of them, then subscribed.This man is the human version of Lucia.

My last game

My last game

Lindo, lindo, lindo!Super cool intro !Love ya penis wrinkles, open a show in New Orleansand lets do racing at nola racing.Gotta say, I really enjoy these videos.DI THI TINH DUOC HANG NHAT.I guess you guys never heard of a screwdriver.My daughter asked me to make her chess set.Maybe it was important to NOT move the Q to get to the engine line, but what is the significance of placing the K on f1?I don't think that's a lot.

cupeth time!



Are you famous? You sound familiar...

John Robinson

Very nice.


Cilik2 jago juga catur. Wajah datarnya ltu loh yg bikin gemes

Yute Hube


Roy Biv

Tama ba yung rating ni Kas dito? 2801?

Scottish Bonsai

This is the second time iv watched this video, I'm noticing more stuff happen, like the first time you hear the footsteps upstairs and go to check it out theres a T on the wall and the second time you guys go back up theres a T O ?? And looks wet the dot in the middle looks like its running paint I'm wanting to see if there is an M now that shows up I'm only half way through the video just now when the board moved in basement.


Aluminum causes alzheimers! Use stainless! Awesome video though!

Tobe Nwabudike

Jean: makes a moveAgamator: C A S T L E


i thought magnus was on a 118 games without losing

ptrck zpp

Hey DIY Perks,thanks for the great video! I really love the UV meter idea. Would it be possible for you to make a separate video only for this, because it is hard for me to understand, which parts are needed and how to connect everything. Think about it...would be very cool! :)

Shawn Fisher

AV G4 class<3 <3

Dimitra Vassiliou

pure magic!!


The right corner case should be white I think :)

El Okim

book worms, lol play some aggressive gambits something sharp out of book,its very boring to play book moves all the time.

Anil Khangarle

Nice.Videow. Can. You a.Woodgun

The Wood Yogi

Great fun to watch. Looked like a fun build :) The box turned out nice

TheFlorida Tiger

0:26 I coincidentally started smelling fire