Quantum Reality: Space, Time, and Entanglement

I worked for algoritms to find independent sets.It'd be great content, especially with classical background music.I'm quite a bad chess player so please share your wisdom ).:DI'm only good at classic though :(.As a staging point that will include future products, culminating in a small backyard shop, just for woodworking the bench will come first.I’m certainly late to comment, but Maybe you’ll find some of those mysterious Kenny Linn show recordings from one of your other videos on that reel.He says "I have a peice of paper it happens to be brown"it happens to be brown huh.

Wtf 5:14 beast mode gord thank me later.It's a dark day for teamscandi.Well, him and Tal.Keep them coming.Play the Alpha Zerooooooo. Adorable shop maintenance crew!And never ever stop.Holy crap 19hrs.

Really enjoy the play-by-play commentary too!A: As much as you're looking at.Thats why Karpov is laughing in that portrait Picture.Help me out so I can beat my dad once even if it’s cheating!There is nothing to do here.

For Example making 1-2-3 blocks, i used M98 on a Fanuc machine to jump to each individual side to drill and tap my holes and because all of my codes were at the top and the line after each M98 was an M01 so i could stop the program and select whichever side i liked!Prakash raj acting sooopper.0 atoms(smallest number-1) meters.I thought it was some generic suit they made up to sell an action figure, and then saw a photo of Shatner in the suite in the Star Trek Movie Memories memoir written by him!Then how can we see the moon.

6:14 -6:49 speed: 2xchess rap jajaajaaj.Kung ma friend nako nis brenda." After watching few videos, I am still looking for chess clubs in LA :(.So everything from Europe uses 10mm bolts ? They want him to play a few more games before they divine his IQ, but it looks promising.They had just come out with their lathes and their 5 axis machines just before I left.Magnus looks like thor in thumbnail.If not, then why all of the dislike surrounding this move back when the game was played?

Why is there a division between men

Why is there a division between men

Excellent work as always!Alekhine 5 queens game is the highest i heard of.Qb4,King can go anywhere in line A.Carlsen hangs a piece early?Just in case, the opacity animation is working.B4, which he does.Is this video for mute persons ?Just thinking out loud.OMG PATTY I WAS YELLING AT Y PHONE!I wanted to make a chess board and men, thanks for the simplicity of your ideas.

Anyone have an

Anyone have an

Ang galing maging polis.Nothing like a Bob Seger reference to a room full of children.Yall like to say that women are always pointing out gender differences that dont exist and then here u guys are, commenting how a murderer from the 1800s somehow influences feminism.I will try to dothis,no adding butter,but it's look good.5:18 5:18 5:18 5:18How do i watch making this tools carving name?Padahal mainnya si bocah aja bnyk juga salah.Linus gonna love it.5:50 what is protecting the light square bishop?

It's becoming an meme.

It's becoming an meme.

"4 The term had first acquired its negative connotations in the Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Bible into Greek, which drew on the mythology of ancient Semitic religions.I'm new to chess it's been 1 year I haven't win much games instead I keep losing.You don't believe in push sticks?Seriously folks.I have to know how much one would cost.Design acrylic nails.

omar benziane

plz!!can you give me the measurements in centimetrs

Jack Jack

BERNIE is SHARP, FOCUSED and next USA president ... Biden is a PSYCHO, Google Korn Pop or "just watch me" interviews, Biden is PSYCHOTIC.

Michele du Toit

Great job, from the junk to royalty.

Benjamin Davidson

"This bishop on C8 which is... far from developed."Understatement of the century.Love the laughs on this channel.


I experienced the same tear out when using a router on the edges. I came up with the perfect solution. On a router table turn the board up on end and run it that way instead of flat. The tear out is no longer an issue. Let me know if it works for you.

Wade Patton

I'm from the metal side of things.Metal works like wood pretty much, but is more predictable and has less grain issues. Steel can be likened to the generic hardwood and the non-ferrous group to pine and other conifers. Good layout and sharp tools mean everything-same as wood. Properly marrying the two is now my passion.

Sean McGrath

Excellent woodworking education!Clearly explained and illustrated.Thank you for this.