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Omar and CJ mention a phantom dog right after the growl."What did Kamsky do to stop mate?White played twice.I'm also impressed by the home made splining jig.

Turn down the bass boost ok?Let it run 10k times and tell us the results, nice vids btw keep it up.When will the genius end?Am I the only person who think reta is pretty?I agree that it is over explained.OMG GUYS THIS WAS CRAZY 19:16 LOOK BEHING MOE.If it was possibleNot all the people would be poor.

The Superhets work with an

The Superhets work with an

Nice perfectionist's work!Especially with how good of a service Geforce NOW is.So glad I know about them.Misnamed video implies a real fight.Duda's games often remind me of a young Ivanchuk.

518 LOSERS hated this video.Thank you,James!I wonder how much alcohol you would need to add to a given amount of water to sterilize it sufficiently to allow human consumption.I caught Walmart at the $199 end of the prce pendulum game, and I am pleased with it as a gift for my son starting college.The jeans are cool because they are handmaid, but look a little too "cute" like they are girl jeans or something.But I will ask:why hikaru doesnt move up c7 at 19:36?Especially in 5 minutes and greater games.How is that possible?Nah, Karpov, terrible.

Dude really good job for us insomniacs.

Dude really good job for us insomniacs.

Hell,I'd love to have the cue in this video!4:06 Drink it, I insist.2:01 its not Chinggis Khan.I almost couldn’t focus on the video because of how soothing her voice is.93 moves, only 1 inaccuracy!The writers of the Tanach applied the word as a dialogism to Canaanite deities.Silence your mouth.


Wow scandi

Naman Kumar Sharma

Man you're awesome thnx for such beautiful stuff

Ramon Calero

la ltima partida excelente...

Mr. Mask

which destro is this ?

Nick Morgan

27:50 STFU, scrub thin-skinned bitch.

Rudy Melo

When castling the king cannot move through a square that would put it into check. He didn't mention that

Cecilia Rodriguez

You chose to show us a Bobby Fischer video because he is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!