Professor Layton vs Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Launch Trailer (Nintendo 3DS)

Which also gives you the answer for the next smallest circle, 1135 and all the circles after that as well.(Me playing against Magnus)Me: e4Magnus: "I'm completely dominating now" 6:58.I recently ditched out all the old variable speed tools we had at work and replaced them with toggle speed.Arnulf is featured in the thumbnail.Kingscrusher - I really enjoy your videos.

In case we have all the dead batteries in the 1st group, the 5th attempt will light up the torch.Oh yes, the machine tools are amazing as well.I spend hours watching mr pete, good work.Too bad Morphy quit so young.Geting new phone tho XD IDC about my phone if it means being a true sargent love the vids moe ya ma fave youtuber Xxxxxx.

The building materials they use

The building materials they use

You would think someone with no job and sits in the park playing chess all day would actually play fair, and be more personable.Notification squad where u at?Techmoan opens with Grob's attack, and the computer responds with a6.After refreshing himself with more water, he wiped his brow on a FIDE-branded towel, and headed to the shower.There are enough good games of Magnus to show.Again evans gambit trap god dammit.Do you survive.Better or worse is never the argument.I think he puts his name on everything because he's Jewish.

He's threatening not to compete for the World Championship next year if Stavanger win the bid.Mikhail tal attacking king of chess.  I thought the tipswhat would have made it easier at the end was really helpful, especially leaving extra to create cutouts for the clamps.Do i have to make a supporter?What's inside visual poi stick.

Pedram Gh

The Persian physician, alchemist, polymath and philosopher Rhazes (854 CE 925 CE) is credited with the discovery of ethanol. And you didn't even mention that.He also discovered numerous compounds and chemicals including alcohol and sulfuric acid. In your opinion, chimpanzees may be moreimportant than a scientist because he is an Iranian scientist.


damn... props to navara.

Christopher Golden

Extremly underwhelming battle. Waiting on the ttop ars cap. ARS in the 1st.... but T top coming back in the 2nd was amazing.

Habib Saidane

Great video, I liked the divide and conquer reasoning, that's how good diagnostics should be carried on, and I am only a computer science engineer with a master degree in computer science. HP does use cheap components.

Miguel Flores

5:56 he knew he f'd up

Chheng Chhay

This is the most beautiful piece of Roses ever personally I would like to say thank you so so much for sharing your excellent experience to all of us around the whole I tire world again thank you so much May god bless you and your family.

Air Sketch

At this rate this tournament will take a year to finish.

hcwd workshop

I know this is atleast my 3rd time watching this video and probably my second time commenting. Beautiful piece brother.

Andreas Michaelides

Excellent videos. Very impressive and instructive chess. Keep up the great job. it is really a pleasure to watch your videos.

Edgar Esparza

Un bello trabajo me gustaria aprender esto

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Rina Agustina




George F

Great tutorial, very well presented and vocalized.Thank you.


It would be a crime to use it as a cutting board. It should hang on the wall as artwork.

gwapogi Gwapogi

wonder boy? talo nga dapat siya gusto pa lumusot 3:30