Press Conference Round 4: Ruslan Ponomariov (UKR) - Anish Giri (NED)

Not Evans Gambit.ALWAYS wait for the blade to stop spinning before reaching in, over, or around the blade to do anything.Perfect gift for a cop " a shinny wooden donut".Professor is a title not a name so you name is Not professor Such and such.Why not Rd1 in the end.

Excellent as usual thank you forposting.Like opalescent red and you can play with it to give it a fire look and maybe a yellow orange for the eyes.If you want to learn how to make 2d game with unity you should read this :.Please change the intro, its getting boring and anoying.00:06 I hated this action from daniil."He might play chess better than you, but he hangs mate in 1.

Would be nice jewelry box.

Would be nice jewelry box.

I never doubt you.Queen takes Bishop solves It, i guess.Bkit kc ang dami naninira s isang masayang relasyon.I have repurposed an old Aiwa hi-fi tower by hooking it up to my personal computer, however, I tend not to use it much, since I get that ground loop hiss as well (albeit not so strong as in the video)."What's a tabula rasa?' I don't wanna miss calculations, better to go safely '.Beyond any doubt, he is a legend !Does it run like a real engine with gasoline and ignition?

Chris, You can get all

Chris, You can get all

Then I sent emails to Kevin's company.Us Mac Pro fans have known the drill, some of us going back to the early 90s.I just joint your channel to day and I want to say great video." (everyone)Yes, Agadmator is the only One who does so many good chess video descriptions.That was a very helpful tutorial!Wheel size was much smaller during that time due to the better quality of roads) Spokes were turned on a lathe.Great video on a great project.MC just seems to see everything.Got a 1600 rating through it, whilst on chess.

If you breed SAVAGERY into your children,

If you breed SAVAGERY into your children,

This was really great, and it even started well (once you skipped to the hacker himself).Maybe you should call this the chess news network, or CNN for short.This is starting to get hard.Can we do this in steamer.You play with pongfinity?Audacity, Rhythmbox?Mikhail Tal's 5 most brilliant moves ?Ganda ng kwento nato.If Qb5 just play a4 1st she has 2 take the pawn's irrelevant.Silk touch pick: soft buzzing.

Love Zvezdelina Stankov's teaching style.What a straight up guy.Awesome table but it looks like the tree is wearing clown sized brown leather shoes.The key is that the wood must fit tightly or you will have bending problems.Great video, you'd be surprised how hard it was to find a good basic chess video .I have found my experience similar to yours, my biscuit joiner is a freud and wonder if a new cutter might get the same results as your new biscuit joiner.Oooh yeah got 66.I tried it for my sister's bday.I clicked on this because I was intrigued by "plane shaving" and it took me almost 3 minutes to realize it wasnt "airplane" shaving.What product do you use in your moustache?

The BakerMaker

Thank you PBS Cyberchase for teaching me as a child how to beat this game.

Olebaht Troy


MLGproKiller274 m


Shaun Naidoo

This thing is actually talking.

Andrew Flowers

As for his disrespectful attitude...Who really cares? His point about bringing issues into the forefront by communicating with belligerent speech is, imo, brilliant! I mean, if fucking Albert Einstein called me a loser, that should have starved to death, and was surprised I'd made it into adulthood, I'd ducking thank him! We don't get too many Albert Einsteins in life! Be grateful, you've got Linus!

Gwentree Fisher

Did anyone else have to check what this video was about when it started with, "There are a few certain truths in this world. We're all gonna die... we all have to pay taxes."

Draconic Duelist

"Now this is Wizard's Chess!"

Solenn Le Trividic

To anyone reading this, have a nice day, full of joy and laughter ! Spread the love around <3

thomas szabo

are those indian seconds running on screen?


They made skip look stupid


Watching this Intro reminded me of ElectroBOOM

Jim Schowe

What clever Figs and Jixtures!

Yami Jack

Is she the red woman from ''Walk like an Egyptian''?