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Absolutely Magnificent!Goosebumps everytime!Who here danced thePotter Waltz while listening?Jack on Level 256: Oh iM ReAdY 69578 hats YaYAaaYyAAAYyYAyaYaAyyaya.Python is great though I made a cool unbeatable chess program in it and is very easy to read and understand what's going on.Parham went charging into the guns like Rambo, even sacrificing his queen.Maybe up to $600 not to mention his YouTube fame could play a factor is pricing as well.

Damn, someone got hurt by a I love you.My sister needs one of these for her kids, so I know what I'll be building for next Christmas!You will NEVER see another Kasparov - it is like looking for a Micheangelo or Monet and coming up withgeneration of Carlsen's - I watched the last world championship and was HUGELY disappointed in Magnus - he looked like someone inflated and over-hyped and filled with only computer chess game moves in his head rather than a HARD pain-staking task of MASTERING the Game - he was VERY DISAPPOINTING TO WATCH.I've found "APUs" as AMD calls them very interesting for a long time and find the power efficiency improvements really interesting because one of the main limiters on performance right now is heat and more power more heat so less power less heat more room for the chip to run more efficiently.Intonation, pronunciation, all over the shop.

And a masterpiece of Vishy vs Jeffrey.Really mind blowing.So every time I go look for it and some time for exotic wood you can find it on tables or any furniture.Da hat man(n) echt keine Worte mehr.He could play R:d3.A precision of IT-geek Carpenter.

25:38 It's like mountain climbing in Skyrim lol.

25:38 It's like mountain climbing in Skyrim lol.

More gambits, like king's gambit please!I love the hexagonal wood and how it contrasts with the blue.I’m just happy we’ve made it two games with no Berlin.Fantastic tool control.I have never seen such a gifted person who plays basically all chess types (960, Bullet, Blitz, Rapid, Classic) at the same highest level.

When the two smartest kids in class

When the two smartest kids in class

What is a centimeter?He would’ve bet me.THAT'S NOT HOW YOU PLAY IT!My favorite number is28.And this game was really mind blowing.That's why you should study endgame.

Even base-10 cultures have the roots of other systems in the words we use to construct numbers.Funny that there used to be a dodgy german company with a similar logo called Mechanische Weberei.Glad we have Jerry to keep it light.One of the biggest things shop teacher taught us is that it is EXTREMELY dangerous to cut round objects with any kind of circular saw.Bruh so your saying if your dad is dying bring I'm back with gummy bears?3:24 why shouldn't Anderssen take the f5 pawn with the bishop?Hahahanaha, these guys made my day.

Pawn taking g7 putting pressure on rock.

Pawn taking g7 putting pressure on rock.

Nd depending on how thick the paper is, if we fold the paper 103 times it’s a thick as the observable universe.How long does it burn for?The most underrated Guy!How could you Castle while u moved the king before.The first time I ever saw a Robertson screw was on my RV.

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Do you ship it to India.

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What's number one? What's number two...? I can't tell if there are 6 or 50 things not to do. You should number the "do not dos."

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Someday I’ll try this!Fantastic heirloom for your kids!Great video as always!


Knight E7 you force them to move there King and take there queen

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You are genius.. I love your all cakes

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plzz explain easy concept for world problem