Positional Queen Sacrifice by Magnus Carlsen || Magnus Carlsen vs David Navara, 2018

I am not that slow nor that weak!Did this dude just say chess won the first round?Basically, if a pirate doesn't want to buy a game, they're not going to buy it.53:36 favourite.

That takes away the satisfaction of the checkmate

That takes away the satisfaction of the checkmate

Nice job but too much talk mate.Along with your wit and creative transition linguistics from subject to subject.Queen D3 seems like an option.Amazing QUEEN Sacrifice by TAL."-" originally, was poorly designed and needs to fixed.Very interesting sounds fun full of tactics.Only if the rest of the women 99.How can you say no magic squares can be made while maintaining that you don't know how many open tours there are?Gupta empire in India chess and ludo was invented in India.

Please make more of these.

Please make more of these.

Cnh cui game cng vi bb theme.Any staff list from a planned parenthood.It has to do with the way everyday things were commonly organized in the Roman era.OMG OMAR YOU SCARED ME xD why?They are so hard to find these days, I settled for a '97 Ranger.Is it just me or does high level chess get increasingly boring the better players get with more knowledge resources?Those background board talkers were annoying.Karjakin lost a winnig move at 5:47.How about safety goggles?Always hilarious and always informative.

One above the lip and

One above the lip and

The board on the web chess.I can't seem to figure out why he didn't play that.Well done dear Artisan !As always, a great explanation and a well paced video.Inserting a ''fly over'' or tunnel for traffic just crossing would fix most of your problems.Sir ji mikahil tal ke games ke upar aur videos banaiyiye.


I may need to cut eraser offWhat’s inside brain: uses tools to cut it ofMy brain:takes off cap

Berl Mendenhall

You the man!!!

Julian Lech

Much too nice to let someone cut on top of that of that board.  Great job.

Scott Michaels

Actually,this table only took 1 1/2 years to build, but because the video repeats it feels like 3 years.

Jess Julian

Love the project. Thanks for sharing your talents.

Quinn Bond

Too bad we didn't get to hear it :(


6:38 I love how you gave it a little nose. Squeeee!


1987 could be the Kasparov match that affected Karpov the most. Karpov had a 1 point lead going into the last game and could not draw the game to re-capture the world championship.

Cristian Porma

Could you make the arrows lines a little thinner?

Strongwill Game Theory

I should start playing chess professionally. I can beat this Vidit guy. It would be easy.



tyrell wreleck

3:58 "if you count the pieces, white is just up a knight" so just don't count them

Donovan Davids

How does this help mankind?

Kowboy USA

The 'mr Eminem tasting truck' 3:09 was one night mr Eminem would likely prefer be forgotten forever.

Nancy Brown

Your mycology jokes were bad but I appreciated them.


Federer doe not use champions choice.


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Adharsh AV

Nalla cinema thanne aanu odiyyan


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Deepasha Dangi

It took me around 5 minutes