Positional masterpiece by Alphazero!

Wow, she is gorgeous.(propane torches also work).Do you make money out of making videos on youtube, Eric?It's a praaaaank.I'm no long a fan of Carlsen.Them not taking queens was crazy.

Where can I buy?4:50 this music is so beautiful.Edit: definitely showing my gf that pic of ivanchuk I’m sure to get it in.C o m i just made over $525 this week!Would that make a difference?Great, informative, interesting video, thank you.This ending looks just like game 1 of the playoff vs Caruana in WCC 2018.

Can I play with more?Carlini,s really funny lol.Good to have your analysis to rewatch it with proper commentary.There's a storm brewing somwhere.Anytime we see 1.Dr Azar is prepared,no doubt.Paul morphy is better than magnus, my opinion I don't like, kasporov, kaporov, and magnus, they are good but I think they're overated.Cake brown q o jata hai?

After seeing many of them here, I finally managed to do it in a correspondence game.Is it wise to wear a Rolex for this type of work?  I would imagine you would make the cross area a round ball, then cut both sides of that little ball flat which would turn it into a small flat disk.The consoles are shipping with NVME SSDs not 2010 versions already pay in use by PCs) or having that extra money on hand for emergencies if things get worse?On collision trigger, my player "calls" Attack animation.Best projects are coming from small mistakes.I like her, she can stay :D.Congrats on the look of the wooden map - it's properly decorative.

You are grandmaster.

You are grandmaster.

I just think it would be interesting to see the difference to what you normally review.How do I play this game?You've ended up with 0 0 0 !Tnx you are the best.- Ludwig Van Beethoven.Than he defends the bishop.I opened it up by removing the keyboard because there was a spot on the keyboard that caused me to question its integrity.Hello, I am from Brazil and consider your way to demonstrate and explain things really amazing.

This is cool but I wish it wasn’t 25 dollars.Fanatstic gameLol, Jan.And which idiot will give this type of opening.Your over dramatic vocal narration is absolutely abysmal.I would probably choose the MacBook Air".Albert Einstein.Anyone know any good lawyers.Then in sweden, the feminazi maths teacher forced me to wear a dress and paint all the lego pieces pink.I want you take a blow torch to a phone screen what would happen.

Can someone please explain toe

Can someone please explain toe

You are a very talented resin artist!Then how did it go to f4 in the next move?Thanks once again.In the position at 22:31 after white tries 1.It's the best entertainment I could have.

nheresa orillo


Shawn Martinez

Ok...my second favorite... freaking beautiful bro...my first fav is your other video of wakizashi...keep up the great work...


Can I buy one


Reckon that is "Denny".

Luz Landazury