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They are already killers, they are demons, they are psychopaths.You would be enjoying your life to the fullest.His name was Maxime Vachier Lagrave.Sadly, we would have beaten this guy up in the hood for carrying a book on chess."May i better just shut up and move".I think they will do a next generation with bug fixes, improvements and additional features.Thank you for sharing it.

The reason is simple: he isn't a GM.Thanks for the wonderful video.And, since the strongest computers retain moves and "learn" constantly by adding to their databases, there is extremely little, or no, element of surprise.Then Ben will call the director.5 % 2"We should have some kind of decimal, with a long line of decimals coming after it".

Where are magnus carlsen.

Where are magnus carlsen.

If anyone is still confused as of why Rxg7 at 17:32 is devastating like I was, here it's: First of all, there's no cover for Queen xh7 mate, which I believe it's pretty obvious."most successful players are great chess players" - bill gates is dogshit at chess.I started programming on Roblox, it's not that hard and not as easy as logo or whatever, it's a pretty good way to start.If yes you can study Electrical Engineering.This lesson shouldn't free to public.Example, c4, d5 and so on.When l play the fried liver attack to my opponent l reailsed that all the moves are not working because you are oley covering the good moves and my opponent are playing the bad moves so please cover the good moves and bad moves so that l can also find the trick to the bad moves so cover the good moves and bad moves please and l am so sad that l can,t play the fried liver attack agaised my opponend because you are oley covering the good moves so please please please gover the good and bad moves.

Ethra kaalam aayi kaathitikkunnu ee film onnu

Ethra kaalam aayi kaathitikkunnu ee film onnu

2018: "Im gonna buy a pc".Sometimes it sounds as cat's concert.4:59 Black miss Qg7 move.If he played d1-e2 instead of playing d2-d3 what will be the best step to play (video time 4:40).He is virtually 2 times the power of other units since he requires twice as many squares to capture.GG, Carlsen, I vote for you to win the whole tournament !Bolak balik nonton ini ngga bosen, Bang Radit ganteng kok secara personality dengan tanggungjawab dan pemikirannya.

Matthew Geronimo

21:38 there’s nothing you can do about it ..... well......

Marin Lonar

how could he castle if he had been cheched by the queen???

Space Martian

This is an insanely beautiful guitar! You must be incredibly proud to have made such a masterpiece! I live your choice of materials and only wish I could make a guitar like that!


Now I know why my dad calls a square head screw a Canadian tip


Quality Content (Cade)


i really liked this one, prolly one of the best ones ive watched for a long time, very even and great ideas from both sides

bobby wilson

Glad u put in the live center..was already getting a headache fore it even hit me


I liked the vid with choice of music.Good job on the imaging, certainly communicates that Chess is a battle...a war.

Dale white


Ped Fab

There's a time for everything, a time to win and a time to lose

Istvan Magi

Hi Karen, hi Ben, we want more of this stuff! 3 weeks and no new videos? Very suspicious.Ben playing blitz is entertaining too, but these lectures are even better, RAAAWR!


Great camera angle!

Douglas Quaid

MC is a mover and shaker.


Spoke to this guy for a good half hour at Bespoked last year, his knowledge and expertise is truly incredible