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Also, Ben you should watch out for dirty lichess players who will do Bh6 type moves if you're premoving too much after you fianchetto in the opening :p.When will we saw a morphy's defeat.The puzzle answer is queen catures f6.

BTW what a deep voice.I wish i had half the knowledge of this man.M Lange inBreslau- 1859 The Sacrificial Orgy.This has become my new favorite episode."Interesting" accent.

The best of this

The best of this

ESTE VIDEO ES MUY TONTO XD.I love your videos.Not mate in 7 or 3, or even 2i dont know.They were genuinely ready, anxious, curious to hear the sweet comments, nervous, reigned, but steadfast, to the mean comments, etc.I found 2 solutions in about 6 minutes.I don't think anybody would know what exactly makes someone a serial killer.Thank you everyone for your kind help.

Broooooo, I always play the fried

Broooooo, I always play the fried

He is effectively "trading" dark square bishops - at least temporarily.He is true legend.Sao anh ko truc tiep nhieu video.Those knights scare me.Thank you in advance!

When you were in the tunnel the nut craker was at The flop and when you whent back it was on the chair.Omg, you are soooo entertaining.As a multimedia designer, let me tell you.I recently played a game against the Computer where I cornered the king, but he intimidated me with his bishops and rooks.Check at 8:06 can't he give a check with white pawn and make it queen the next move.No selling out for $.Cum sa nu va placa asa ceva.

In 1997 Bobby

In 1997 Bobby

Want y’all to take that in.Teacher: The question says WHY is it true.Well no shit, when you have a ton of "flavors" of shit that rely on old developmental shit and god knows who maintains, how the fuck can you establish a binary that executes across one distro let alone all the distros.You are less shaky than I am lol.2:11 I fell of my bed.Fibonacci as circular folds.I meant to say moe I love your videos.This was absolute NOT top 10.Omg plsssss do a collab with mrbeast.Going counter clockwise it's the circle of 4ths.

This is called Some Board Shit with Lasers, not chess.Strange that they say so many negative things about Bobby Fischer.I hope one day you teaching me.But please don't flip the board half way through a game.To simplify:As the initial 1000 was fake, he gained no actual money from it, so really he lost1000rs two times.Shit was crazy, every time I passed that river I thought about who he might of put in there.Okay, I'll pony up my dues and support your videos.Awsome loved stability, oxidisers like laughing gas nitric oxide and oxygen, the barking dog experiment, parachutes, recoil, apitamy, large rockets the size of a building, combustion without the air oxygen from the air, the centre of pressure and the centre of massgravity, the whole deal of rocket science.

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En espaol latino por favor

Matt Creamer Audio

Great breakdown. I learned some stuff here.

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14:00 you could place your rook D7 to pressure the bishop? Why wasnt this a good option?


I'd buy one!


remy, hun im with you on what wilder says just doesn't make sense, kinda think the man has CTE tbh and the fury fight could've made it worse/triggered it wholeheartedly, I really don't think he should rematch fury :


No magical knights tour. How sad.

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Are you very nice very very nice good job

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The soundtrack for part one and two I personally think we're one of the bests. This song is so powerful and I just..... it's so good... I can't describe it.