Pirc Defense Chess Openings #4

The real question is:Why do all comments start like this.These are my keys to reach my goals:Motivation - Without motivation everything is so much harder.A very romantic dude.Width 2) - this.Looking at this game I linked bellow, just shows the immense mountain that even a super GM has to climb to win even being an entire knight up!I read the title, watched the match (loved it) until "draw offer" because I thought Fischer would win, after all it is Bobby Fischer.

I can't believe you uploaded this 6 years ago.You can do better.Not quite accurate, and get ridof the narrator, but well done.Great butt with great performance.I then align the corners of the sheets and clamp the guide so that the cut is across the middle.L would have put in a third bearing to takeup the backward thrust, like on a bandsaw.Your camera keeps going blurry and out of focus.

3:12 isn't the line b4 because

3:12 isn't the line b4 because

Hence, "oh man, where did he come from!Nu 1:02 trng i D4 th sao mn?2020 l kanunavar undo.My Best regards Magnus and hope you will visit Cap Verde to learn Chess to my little country one day?More photos of niki Riga, please.Love the Poolhall Junkies shot.Andrew Price goes nuts with the price :D.

He does not

He does not

Download kase kare or kha se.In Soren's analogy, we're the wood that time burns on - and his is running low because he's almost burned up.This event is the perfect example of giving these names the big moment and them not giving a fuck about anything but the bread.I will sub to you if you sud to me :).Therefore both pawns have same potential value.To accompany, the jigs.Loved Hikaru's smiley chat in this video, a bit more easy going than in his own videos, really liked him.Can you tell me why this is?46:29 hahaha evil laughter.5 is because when there is one seed left, it will probably take 1-2 days or 1 12 days)n ?

A possessed demon would totally film himself being

A possessed demon would totally film himself being

Sir at 5:53, Aapne Kaha ki koi check nhi hai but Qa6 check hai par shayad isse white par khaas farak nhi padega kyoki Uske baad white Kf2 khel Sakta hai aur condition vahi rahegi.But now I'm determined to understand this stuff.Congratulations.And then he gloats about it and laughs at me.They run 247 365, I only take them down to do upgrades or maitinence.How didn't I think about that?Good vid, but where is Eric vs Aman?

The Crowd Made It Loook Like He Wasn’t Fire.Is spacex going to kill ula.Ghsotbusters movie was terrific- but thats neither here nor there.Our governments and big companies can start distributing their manufacturing facilities, so when one region is affected we still have something like 30-35% of manufacturing.Black dude cheated WTF.EDIT--Nevermind studied it a bit more and found white getting pushes the D5 pawn down to become a queen and checkmate.I find it fascinating how some serial killer become killers by hitting their head.Happy Christmas from the UK.

Com or chessbazaar.Pins are fine for measuring a bored hole, especially if the tolerance isn't super precise and if you are on time constraints but I wouldn't go as far as to say they are the best way.Here bc of techmoan.Good review man, hope this ends well!Hey Chris, how clean of an edge does the plunge saw leave on a piece of wood?When Nakamura reached for his queen back I thought he had won for a moment O.Nice work making a project from zero.What's the rule he mentions at 3:46?Presh: I didn't figure it outAlso Presh: DiD yOu FiGuRe It OuT?U can also make a video of'the girl friend's trap' when queen captures the king, that's the most deadliest trap in today's world.


When the Asian guy gets out first....


Love your videos. But I was wondering, what do you with all those metal shavings?

Chris McCarthy

Its not often one can give checkmate by moving the king.


top rights hair is cringeworthy

leandro's things


Paul Manley

Because had he done so White king would move to e2 then black rook would obviously take white rook and White king take black bishop black made the right choice to keep pressure and force white into a bad position to get the better exchange overall


I don't know what's going on you keep going back

Juan Koenig

41:16 jajajjaaja

Aluand Jalal J

These videos make me miserable and feeling vomit especially when I seethese wannabes showing their wealth just to impress... I imagine the amount of anxiety and unhappiness behind closed doors because of the competition between millionaires and billionaires.. because no matter what there’s always a bigger fish. And numbers never end

Reynhard Sinaga

Who is win

Prithu Raj

Human Being

Thank you very much for doing these videos

Abdullah Alsalmi

Omg this guy is so good I think if we played a 100 times I would still lose a 100 times and I thought I was good :(


Super videos

Chaitali Shah

It is sooo perfect!!!

Rilum Osmanaj

Hello everyone! Hello Antonio! Welcome and Greetings from me! Rilum Osmanaj

mike burns

Brutal beat down. I guess it’s not easy when you have to find the winning moves without a engine. He must of just been there to enjoy the show.

Tim Meisburger

I've always cut the curve on the top of my mallet based on the arc the mallet describes with a full swing. A longer handle would have a shallower arc, and vice versa. Anyway, that is a pretty mallet. I doubt that hedge apple (osage) would have split. Here in Virginia we like to use dogwood for a mallet head, and I have some mallet head blanks I cut in the 80s that have deep checks but have never split.

Sharvan Kumar

Very helpful lecture

Andrew M

BTW, the Segway inventor Dean Karen did not die. The old rich guy who bought the Segway company from Dean Karen did die riding a Segway. No big deal, but I thought that you may appreciate the distinction. Great vids!!

ramses byron

well done


Not an interviewer. He's an assistant interviewer.


I knew it


THIS is State of the Culture Joe gotta relax


If the first fold is known, all folds can be found without any repetition or recursion.I'll see if I can write and draw something that makes clear how this works, you'll be notified when it's online.

Tape Master82

Tricky pinning moves in that game, he wore him down,gg