Pirates of the Caribbean - Accidentally Genius

If I could be a fly on the wall.I don’t think I am related to anyone here for at least 6 generations because my family, for all I know, for 4 generations has been 100% Vietnamese.SuggestionVladimir Kramnik vs Boris Gelfand, game 2No-Castling Chess Tournament (Chennai).The water doesn't matter, the heat is what melts the lignin.That’s the dumbest thing I ever heard!All part of the act to throw you off your game.I have followed your channel.

The Wooorrrllld !

The Wooorrrllld !

Do you still need a BALANCE veneersheet on the opposite side when using MDF (or particle board)?My favorite from the stream."ok knight since you told me the theory of this" 31:11 haaahahaha.And you thought this was a child's game.What glitters u r using.Song Jilshad Pls.

Love hearing you folksay beta. BTW - can you link to the live stream analysis of the upcoming games?What's that backwards move at 2:37.But honestly, marker on cardboard makes my ears bleed.John Campbell on YouTube to get another view of things.8:54 rook on d4?If you can't see the laser then how do u know if it hit the target?

If it is the

If it is the

Love their handshake.Keep up the good work.And here he is, in our living rooms, playing random challengers.I usually watch a game here in between the games I play which I find is very good for learning.Do you suggest a guide or book that helped you?

Dennis O'Brien

Use the same template and make another one sharpened on the opposite side. It would make a versatile set.


10:35 cock or sock?

zach winfield

At 50:10 isn't black fine after Nc5? Why resign?

Sergio Gonzlez

Like my friend 10/10

Adam Quincey

Excellent, beautiful piece...!Cheers...

Rianto Manik

Masalah nya kuda putih gak makan pion hitam, malah makan kuda gimana dong

christopher thurman


Thomas Foolery

How many times did he kill ALEXANDER LUZOCKE!?!??!!??

hugh mungus

I cut my freakin finger deep with that credit card knife. Its sharp asf

Jeffrey Rice

BALES Is the cutting area on your jigs just stained red for safety or is it a different type of wood ???Love the workshop setup...Great use of space.

Brandon Hatten

I think it’s a great table, but wtf is a magnet?

russy cat

and i've beat you to it

Sally Rose

too poor for adobe subscription for access to these great programs/software


২৫২ knight f7 ?

Peter Newbranch

You could have used the stuck H4 pawn to play ypurself G4 in a position where the next move white makes is forced to do an passant, and by doing that would lead to checkmate