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Did they get in trouble.I fast forwarded to the end.Are the bagstubes anything special and Where did you get them?I love the robot voice.First class presentation and instruction.Sir in the problem of sum of faces of 4 dice is 6,the solution in your book is 84 but in video the answer is 10.

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Either I dont

Either I dont

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Which are, in your opinion,

Which are, in your opinion,

Ivanchuk is the king!I hope this message reaches to you.I think out of any food choice to make yourself look like douche while speedrunning, pizza is probably the best choice.Each game in the series is more interesting than other, very good.Thank you very much chesspuzzler.I mean there are ppl and fans that don't like him but skip is on another lvl of hate for this man!

Ful Gin

personally, cubic ninja looks like a good game i might try to get it just so i can play it


The Patience!! That was awesome! And the board looked great!

Go Fork Yourself

the superhet was replaced by the big gay

Kyle S

What kind of wood is he using?

Federico Olivieri

Can someone clarify a point for me?How come the explanation where "You can only have one piece along the first line and along the first column" doesn't apply to the first prision (3 cells, 3 prisioners). I know you'd only have TWO pieces along those lines, but it again proves that you can't fill greenland and therefore you can't escape.

Peter Rangelov


Restilito Santos

Naiyak ako


This guy might be the biggest douche bag I've seen on YouTube

Greg DaGawd

This was a massacre

Wilson Rutherford

Queen's Gambit Declined, Cambridge Springs Variation..If white doesn't go for the elephant trap by taking on d5 in the beginning, there is still yet another trap later involving Qa5 and if white playsBd3 then black can sometimes play dxc4 with a double attack on the Bishop sitting on d3 and the bishop white put on g5.. Very sneaky opening.

Deepesh Sonar

Why Na2-c3 was not played by White???(in the third last move before resignation)This must have been discussed.

chris dube

Nice video, but please slow down!I'm trying to follow on a live board and you just blew through a boatload of moves.

Anthony Villalpando

42:39 I thought your student meant black should not have offered up his rook with NF5 but i guess that still loses after QH3 followed by NG3.

Brandon Marshall

Ha he said reproductive work.


The solution to the air bubble issue is a pressure pot. It is a must have for proper resin moulding. It's not expensive and works great.

Feelz The Don

Great video!! On the flip side if one was playing as black and was in there position against white, how would black win?


el manco Manzarek

Hector Alberto Torres Cuevas

Have not been disappointed on any content that involves the second try team ! .... more Nick contente please !


Why are there dial tones?

Axel Stoll


Berkin Abanozlu

You are a great wizard Harry, you really are.- Not as good as youMe! Books and cleverness! There are more important things. Friendship and bravery...

Rob B

We should probably talk about how much the Stanley Cup guy touches his nose then the table.

Not Today

20% of actual game 80% of possible moves

sara O'Brien

hi I'm one of your fans youtube said they were adding some new features but they haven't done that yet I mu friends watch youtube on our t.v. youtube said they were adding another feature that would allow people to comment on videos from other devices I'm trying to get as many people interested in this can you tell youtube to add this

Lubomir Germany

extremely great job! I have some nixie clock of my own, but this is masterpiece.. and you choose the biggest ones which is fantastic

Guillermo Martinez

Great job, actions are better than a 1000s words .

Andre McGoo

Absolutly pathetic performance. 158 FPS, and he didn’t mention the weight of the arrow which is EVERYTHING.