Peter Leko | Recap GRENKE Chess Classic 2018 Round 9 | Nikita Vitiugov vs Fabiano Caruana

The crew is assembled, when's the heist going down?Jinx dressed to go spend a weekend at Bernies.I've been watching your videos since monday, i've lovd your videos since monday.

Don't you love those machines, such a breeze.I'm from Colombia, my English is not good but I understand your ideas.So close to first page!Lol see ya clearnet dumbshits.

What's the thought process behind capturing with the rook?This event had the most 30's.Amazing pattern!His blindfold has holes, how else could he see Ned's hand at the end to shake his hand.Paganini equivalent of my instrument?Do you have a link for drawer units, cant find them on Ikea websiteThanks.I am VERY much tickled by the brexit reference, james has always been my favorite.

Also fill in the blanks with God.Invaluable work.Why don't they all just do what the last successful car did the last time and go from there?Thanks for actually analyzing your own game instead of some bullshit computer position that no one could calculate!Public static void main (String args)I looked at my teacher and asked myself "Is this Java thing even in English?

So, definitely need to

So, definitely need to

Nothing after part 7.I’ve done a lot of things more then 2,000 times everyone has and they are.I hope you make more like it.Flash, used universally, made the games we love and made our childhood.Eres norte americano, es verdad?Carlini sounds like a fun guy.WHO chief definitely bribed by china.

Haha gosu red buff.

Haha gosu red buff.

Y 00 indetermjnado, psdt quiero jugar ajedrez contigo manu.The black player is so dumb.Okay but the animations are so cute!Glad to be the first person to view this.The key is to go slow and keep the tip level.You counted yourself out thats the missing facor.I've been looking at some interesting, irregular larger pieces I have, and wondering how I could put them together, without having to cut them up, to the point of making them boring!Why is this in my reccomended?Solving for e and substituting in (e1) (44)k, we get the diophantine equation (45)k - 5x 4, which has the solutions (in pairs) : (k,x) (5r1, 4(256r51)), where r is an integer.

Mantap otaknya kwkww, merah padam

Mantap otaknya kwkww, merah padam

When I read the question I was like oh my God how to solve this sum.Firo made the same mistake playing against Vidit and lost the game too.This is phenomenal work.The 5 are in series to add up to the 120 volts supplied by line cord.Just watched the first 7 mns, but no camera dropped so far.I am now a regular earner of hundred bucks.If you have more time then money, go with the simple kit, if it's the other way round, it's time to start shopping!I also might still be upset personally with school and am looking outward for an escape from reality and another way to go through life.

On the second puzzle you can simply capture

On the second puzzle you can simply capture

That was beautiful and creative!I can almost guarantee you that this guy has ADHD, or some other form of executive dysfunction.Most serial killers that people talk about got caught, while Belle never truly got caught.Traxler counter attackKasparov would be proud of you if you had the nuts necessary go play it.I think this method is much worse than the quadratic formula."No flies on you mate" I like that quip, is that purely Aussie term?When I eventually get set up,that's my first project a Chess board.This is literally the same quadratic formula.Just after the knight and bishop exchange.All purpose flour or whole wheat flour?

Shine Crossifixio Sianturi

5:00 Cursed teammates


You should call the sword The (Bee) Stinger

Pablo Ortuo

Thanks yo to you I'm starting with chess, thankkks

Vimal Shrivastava

bahot lajawab!!

Quan Tran

Tng 2 lo u gc kim ri ch ad

Chris Sphinx

his voice ... putting me ... to sleep zzz :)

Suparth Ghimire

That thumbnail tho!

Just For Movies

5:03 how is thaaat out??

Lena-Elaine Johnson-Rieman

10 minutes into the video figured out this vid is about colors

Lafcina Hrabri

Eric I love ya man, so fun to watch and really educational.Keep it up! Can't wait for next part :)

don kaufman

Thanks -great job!I'm just starting out so I found most everything useful.

Mortal Zen


Nova Sky

Makes me want to get back into chess.Wp

ong kim

itry to speak to FLINTSTONE but understand nothing,what language did the he speak????

Truth In Shredding

this is like listen to"Now That's What I call Music -101!!"


Hi Daniel!Yes I remember you.Good luck with your chess and studying..


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Where can i get his hoodie?


Nobody:Me: No chess experience. Still watched entire video.