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So can anyone legit really go tour?If you check not many play b4 but this is exactly way my comment was from Budapest.Can you rgb-fied your mac pro ?You will learn much.But again i've seen many of the same mistake when making the chess board.

D)Omits the3 minutes of introductoryuseless

D)Omits the3 minutes of introductoryuseless

If i use liquid food colour, what measurement can i use?I felt so attacked with the vibrato, I'm just learning it and still wiggle the whole violin.Mmk, so it took me about 15 seconds to consider that a and b both equal 1.So our mind will just instantly suggest the function we know, like pins are used for sticking stuff (not as flameproofing) and candles are used for flame (not as glue).Bravo and much appreciate you and your channel.Carlsen is a animal defender.Ada jebakan catur yang mudah dah cepet skakmat gk gua pemula.I really like that thumbnail, makes carlsen look like some sort of warlord.Not going to get this, but I’ll probably see what the bulbs cost individually.I tried this rainbow cake but i ddnt gt that perfct food colourhuh.

Wait I thought he made it home after the shooting and his wife couldnt tell nothin happened so how he die in the McDonald's.Now you're at 500K!The good one says Samsung the bad one says iPhone."Try DoIIarBrite.Fabiano in November!Love your videos btw!This little glider doesn't look too aggressive.Please introduce.Today I also put together a video on my channel on making it!What’s the cost in time and resources estimated?

This is the group responsible for producing the PIDs (the brain of designing plants).Kickback will take you out.In case I want to add desecated coconut Will it taste good.I would feel a little uncomfortable calling it a draw.Thanks for all the great tips!Thanks for the genius moment!Survived to summon his best friend, then killed the guy with one punch.

Im gonna finish our research paper, wish me luck pls.Why not take black bishop at 9:45?How much eggs it need.IoT is more of an approach to make your processes better, make decisions on (Big) Data input, than being hardware connected to the internet just for the sake to be connected to the internet.Earned a sub :).Well if we break out of space.I just cant bring myself to scrap it as i feel its worth more if the right person wanted it.I wish I could say I intentionally chose the stronger move, but I actually didn't even notice the queen to H6 threat much less see the blunder of it.

Going to school for forensic

Going to school for forensic

Its called jello bruh!I really want to trade one of mine for one of yours.That's some exceptionally hard luck.ALways cool to explore all tactics in positions :D.They’re cheap enough to buy, but seem like they would make a fun project.We are lost precious.Thank you The people how have seen the full circle of earth are 23 (Jim Lovell went two times) -).Watch my YouTube channel!9:20Bxf2 Easier checkmating patterns.4:46insted of the white king moving to kc2 and the white king go to kb2 ?

I would love to live in the next apartment from someone practising this.One of the border pieces is upside down5:31 and then magically it is not upside down.The reason is Alice sees 12 and Bob sees 8, and they know the total is 18 or 20.I love watching people who made it."it's not defined by geometry".Dammit, lost my appetite.I loved the matte appearance before polishing.I would have moved it to have my choice of white's queen rook or bishop for my knight.

cresa lp

Psychopaths are good at chess


2:25"Not allowing black anytime to BREED". Yeah, we wouldn't want to allow that, would we? Hahaha

Edgar Ramos

When he is thinking for a long time I am saying to myself "There is no checkmate, the Bishop covers the square, Magnus fucked up, he is a piece down. Game over!" and then he just calmly executes a few more moves and casually checkmates his opponent.

imetro angola

Os telespectadores esto bastante doentes, atrapalhando muito a partida!


Giselle Mahoney

watching again think of my brother who passed i will smile and cry thinking how he enjoyed this movie


If you can create a song that not only halts my present thoughts, but directs them onto a journey of another life, one which leads to an extraordinary path of life full of living, dying and loving, one thats not glorious but one that I long for.... you are in itself art.

The Gallivanting Gamers

2:07 rook for bishop after dxe5 dxe5?

Abdellatif Reslanebnnj

should we leave youg mums poor in the hope they will become "incredibly prosperous"?


I would play it, if i didnt bought Minecraft :) But its amaaaazing


Hey, professor, why did the RI allow Laithwaite to tell lies about 'levitating' spinning-tops to children? But that is not as heinous as the Royal Society awarding a Hauksbee Medal to an antigravity crackpot. Is it a condition, of having 'royal' in ones name, that one has to be as scientifically ignorant as the royals?


Capablanca... you killed Duras. I consider that no small favor. But what you ask is impossible. The high council is still loyal to his family. I cannot restore your family's honor.

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Nice one Shaun,I have an old 1950s oak teachers desk as my garage desk.It holds my thickness planer and a pile of scrap wood...

Wild Bore

8:20 this is the first time I haven't enjoyed the show

Pouria Arab

i could say what was the result just by hearing your intro, u cant hide the result. :D

Erik Prytz

I was in Prague a few weeks ago, and got a factory tour! It was amazing

Judah Ogbuehi

lol remove two matches from the same corner and stack them on another match. BOOM!

Insane Kid gamer

Stupid question ik

Amilie Rose

Who goes to a desert island with no food?Also tie up your boat!!


as a welder who loves attention to detail, i approve

John Kensington

Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with the US justice system.


Ben is spot on with the blunders. I play 3 or 4 different people regularly, 1 of them is definitely at least 2-300 points better than me, the others I would say we are all equal. It depends on who blunders generally to determine who wins. Guaranteed. I know either I am or my opponent will eventually blunder, and that is where the wins come from. We are probably around the 1400-1500 mark, except for my other friend who I would guess is around the 17-1800- because he blunders way less than I do.

Sarath Kumar

What a game!!! Superb fighting

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10.22 minute kab khatum ho gaye pata hi nahi chala