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Magnus Carlsen is the best.PEOPLE THINK CARLSEN IS GOOD FOR CHESS AS USA NOT DESERVE CHESS CHAMPION.Both ways are not very elegant but at least the one shown here is straightforward.Looking at how that RCA 45 rpm player has grooves on the turntable, I think it would have been cool if they had made those grooves to be actual record grooves, playing a message like "hey, you forgot to put a record on.

It's like trying to teach a baby philosophy before the baby said it's first word.Computer says play Queen c4.I actually found b4.

Work on the moves timing."How does white win?He is counting start from 0, real coder there.Can you offer anysuggestions?Can I buy one and if so how much would it cost?Not only in online games, even in chess all of your athletes are imported.

It would of been a better game if queenside knight took f3.This is a great video and I am glad you did it, in spite of your understandable hesitation.Kaya walang ka asenyo ang mga tao puro nalang husga."what's the difference?Thanks for explaining his intentions John Bartholomew I learned a lot cause of it.This made me laugh but im so happy you guys enjoyed doing that lol im in College 2-D Art in my sophomore year.

So what's the answer to the limerick?I’m confused about continuous probability :( If you throw a dart and it lands at say (a,b) where -1a,b1, then how can Prob(Hit (a,b))0?The other remastered version of Battle Chess is a bit better imo.Thanks so much for your good videos, they make a lot of helpful sense to me-.In the gluing of the top and bottom surface, the dovetailed corner joints were humiliated.I did it took me 2 days to do it!So if by an chance a supernova happen next to earth but without dizimating live it would rain gold and silver?Lmfao that ending!

I think you

I think you

Always puts a smile on my face.It is fun to have and if you get it "cheep", take it." A set of n points in Euclidean 3-dimensional space, no fourof which are coplanar, is partitioned into two subsets A and B.You know the saying HAPPY BABY HAPPY FAMILY.What kind of paint is used?


15:30 definitely a better idea that Deep Blue captured with bishop...

Daniel Branco

18:32 What does black should play after Be7? Edit: Ah Kf2, to support black's e pawn

Alexsander Rocha

Empatou ?

Victor Wallec

everytime they shanke hands ... draw or win for who? that triggers me hahaha

Robert W Norris II

Nice move boo-edget move, "Zuckerburg"