Paul Morphy vs Thomas Herbert Worrall ": New York (1857) - Queen's Knight odds game

First, great commentary - I was surprised to see it up so quickly as well.I really like your content.Chess is just another more abstract language, like music, you can get started younger than most people would be aware and smart kids can be unstoppable if you take the time to teach.

Why being a Chinese is awesome: there r literally people that are Chinese explaining about video games u can’t get it play and movies stories.It was necessary to have in vertical boxes.Such a nice way to waste money, good job.My brain just doesn't work that way.Absolut sympathic.Billionaires are actually thrifty.4:40 he has 0 clue what he is saying.

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Martin Hill

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Regan V

What an inspiring story! Congratulations on your success! I hope to be able to own my first printer one day, I know for a fact, it'sgoing to be a Prusa.


Chess was invented in India


Ive watched most of your stuff, so Id like to think i've got a good idea of your strength. That being said, this was very impressive.


I have a question, how long does each grid section take to machine, ISO vs ortho. My guess would be like 5hrs of machine time?


Love the content !

Phillip Forsythe

The enthusiasm and joy you show when commentating on these games is infectious!


34:19 Twork reachin for that chain like a nigga who girl just unlocked his phone

Phillip Priolo

Those legs are super rad.


Good interview

Stumpy Cube

White can move diagonally to the left it is a resignation


If kings are on the same color square there necessarily will be an odd number of squares between them, so no need to check both criteria. Or have I gone crazy?