Paul Morphy vs NN - New Orleans (1858) #128

I’m not good in heels.What's edging plane called you are using.What is the best way to remember these sort of tricks?I MUST TELL YOU IT IS VERY VERY DIFFICULT TO MAKE SUCH CHECKMATE, IN MATTER OF A FACT IT’S NEARLY IMPOSSIBLE, HOWEVERAGAINTS ALL ODDS I HAVE DONE IT, I HAVE BEAT THE IMPOSSIBLE,BUT FOR ME I BELIEVENOTHING IMPOSSIBLE AND IF I CAN DO THAT I BELIEVE YOU CAN DO THAT TOO, if you don’t believe me why don’t you find outyourself  thank you.This surely takes me back.Simon Lockington.Your a natural man, you turned it upside down because that is the correct way to turn something, you want the wide end of the object closer to the chuck ).36:09 that split second where Hikaru thought: "Did this dude just blunder the queen".

Hey Nick, my dad has the exact same drill press and I was wondering if I could use it to fix flat spots in some of my old skateboard wheels.00:35 GM macrofago02:56 NM littleplotkin05:26 FM StewiieGriffin07:51 FM dizalica12309:50 NM gameoverbro11:49 FM Simba713:44 GM dulemaster16:22 FM sopueyz17:24 IM ShMat19:42 GM macrofago21:41 GM GeorgMeier24:02 FM tsakos2726:17 NM Horobetz29:04 GM cipote31:22 GM JoranvdS33:34 IM Gabix9434:55 GM Chopper190537:23 FM ellesse40:03 FM Fluffey41:59 GM N-Chadaev44:01 IM Gabix9446:25 IM ShMat48:46 IM lovlas50:26 NM TwelveTeen52:22 GM Arka5055:05 FM apelsins57:09 NM Horobetz59:28 GM dulemaster1:02:08 GM FeegLood1:03:03 GM E-Shaposhnikov1:05:42 FM ellesse1:08:16 WIM cavalierssKing1:10:14 GM cipote1:12:49 GM E-Shaposhnikov1:15:17 FM taheryoseph1:18:02 IM JessePinkman1:20:15 FM taheryoseph1:23:12 GM TheWarning1:24:40 GM macrofago1:26:16 FM ellesse1:28:43 GM cipote1:30:32 GM macrofago1:31:25 IM Tayka1:32:46 FM TiliCheevViacheslav1:35:17 GM macrofago1:37:44 IM RobertoJBMolina1:40:02 IM ShaMat1:42:00 GM Pap-G1:43:41 IM Gannikus1:45:31 IM JoaBN1:47:27 GM Pap-G1:49:36 IM Gannikus1:51:51 IM MeneerMandje1:53:25 FM svenos1:55:05 FM apelsins1:57:19 IM ShMat1:58:27 GM Arka50.How much including shipping?But I do love how you are saying it without saying it.Sir kya ye projets banana sikha skte he.Matlakov just impregnated the Queen, the bishop, hell the whole god damn chess set.Jerry where'd u go?MTWABP JustThat.They must be paying you healthy to find a reason to hate LeBron.

I imagine the amount of anxiety and unhappiness behind closed doors because of the competition between millionaires and billionaires.At 32:04 the commentator overlooked Bc4 checkmate!Nag cstream kaba lods.5:24 guys wtf happend how did that pawn do that!Ty irithel for helping make gosu this video.

Rocking horse moved from basement to near

Rocking horse moved from basement to near

Awesome content.I don't know why he thinks the square drive is so rare.You are the first person who had done magic on our brain and upload more videos to make us creative keep it up.2019 and English-speaking people still can't do correct transliteration from cyryllic alphabet.Thank you very much.That poor little girl.The king can still move to F7 and G8.White queen to h5 for check.Di menit 2:40 kalo rajanya rokade gimana bang?I love when blow hard trash talkers get schooled.

7:16 He didn't want to wear a bra, so he shot himself.The loss you had at 1:26:00 before he pushed the pawn to guard the queen you could have sacked the rook and then the bishop with check and won the queen!Would that not cause problems later on?Why the hell do I watch this shit at night.Such nice video!It’d pathetic when people play like that.That stupid cameraman.He didn't win any decisive battle with king porus, it was just a stalemate.

Terimakasih utk sudah berbagi ilmu.- grargarhllgrlgarl.Fucking love it.Thanks sir for your kind humbleness.I can’t believe they do business like that.Strategy copy to Rustom movie.It would be cool to use the Rick Morty formula but instead of a scientist make him an eccentric GM with magic chess pieces as he travels back in time with his son, or a nephew?Every receipe is made just like that.Like you have a clue?Meanwhile we now have Trump who would have difficulty pronouncing the word Pluto.

Having watched this it gives me good

Having watched this it gives me good

Or once you configured a level and a color you can start a game without it?Fagnus carlstinky.Illuminati confirmed.Really look at the instructions for the amount of activator for the depth of a resin cast.This video is now included -.Sounds like part of a sentence.Thank u chess talk.This gives your eye a perfect "Grid" to see the bends.My current rating is about 1250.So you can be certain in two things: you never gonna pick a wrong cell for first, and you gonna reveal at least 9 cells on the first click.


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Nikhil Bhavekar

At 15:06 why did the black queen moved back instead of capturing rook??

Jeff Blackwell

Something about this is just so inspiring.

Jamal Totah

Absolutely amazing!!! The most beautiful chess board I have ever seen!

Geography in Action

Some comments on here are just asinine. Remarking that the table was $200, but built from thousands, one guy said billions of dollars, is silly. This is a trade, hobby, and an investment. You can outfit a complete but simple workshop, for about $5k, the tools will build thousands of projects, not just a bench, the tools will last you a lifetime if cared for, and you can pass them down. $5k over a five year shop build is less than $100/month, less than most of your monthly beer budgets. Don't be cynical morons. What value do you put on the family time?


Qxh7 looked juicy - saw it immediately - but to play it in a real game - one tiny miscalculation and you are lost

Real Thanos

How white win?

Cara Sullivan

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Why do I wonder how those doors open aside from the bottom, maybe they can be pressed to partly open them which resets when closed?


Animation vs Minecraft the movie begin for fight


Nice video...Greetings from Brazil

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Nick...Nice job guy.I have used the drill press for handles and whatnot, but it never occurred to me to put a turning spindle in the bottom attached to the drill press plate.

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Spec ops: The Line ?


4:23 My question is: "How to improve contrast?". Thanks.

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Xem hc thm c nhu th lm

Harry Knows

LOL - $60 for a wood "gripper" - people that buy $5 coffees at Starbucks would go for that...When their profit margin falls dramatically from 800% maybe I look at it. I pay $15 for one.

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Excelente trabajo

rob elder

Awesome sir.Very nice

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Funny joints like this were used in my 1800’s home to support the floor joists for the second floor . They simply notched a real 2x4 and used a 1x6 for the ledger. No sagging to this day, Imagine that . To think today’s codes would never allow that. a very strong joint.

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Thanks for sharing.Excited for the next video

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Using garbage as mouse pad lol