Paris Grand Chess Tour: Alexander Grischuk On Blitz ⚡ Time Controls

Must have slipped their minds to mention these most valuable truths.Kind regards and all the best.Well worth all the time you spent!This video definetly is better off without the voiceover.Happy New Year 2020 thank you for sharing enjoyed watching.

Fuck I don’t know, or maybe it’s 1000 cause he gave it away, then took 1000 from the neighbor and gave it back, so that cancels it out.Eeehhh stranger danger.Dudebot58 no, look again.My thought was: if there are an even number of seeds, then 12 will blossom.If rook to c8 capture with f rook, e rook check, capture and queen mate.I added a few elements for the presentation.I NEVER SOW SO MUCH FOOD JN MY LIFE!If a screw broke, the assembly line had to be stopped while it was drilled out and replaced.41:14 There life style is work work and then try to keep it all together, and that will never happen!The intro really got me.

Looks like 18:15 Knight e6 is winning faster.

Looks like 18:15 Knight e6 is winning faster.

Good presentation, very easy watching.FOUR MORE YEARS!It still feels strange even playing over the moves.Me, before Video: wait, how is this even possibleMe, after Video: OOOOOH it makes sense now!Ben is pure gold!

Fantastic work brother and your changing the

Fantastic work brother and your changing the

This piece is great but why is it so long?Someone should figure out the number of letters in the numbers name.By the way - in polish articles describing Akiba's bio (also in polish wiki) one can read, that the person who noticed young Akiba Rubinstein and his chess talent was Chaim Janowski, Dawid Janowski younger brother:-).I'VE LEARNED SO MUCH IN ONLY 20 MINUTES AND I NOW REMEMBER ALL THE CODE I WROTE DOWN, i definently recommend it!I would name the ur sword queen bee’s diamond stinger and the bow the wasp and the pick hive miner.THE SUSPENSE IS TERRIBLE.I guess a center should always be "in" a thing, especially if that thing is convex.I think I asked him to make a video on this topic.I really do not like your art style.

For myself it’s better to see

For myself it’s better to see

My favorite guitar diy ive ever saw.120 dollars a month.You should level your desk.The king somehow realizes it and pushes her to the ground, bashing her head with the scepter.The way he smiles talking about em, that’s real friendship.What am I missing?I've been watching your videos for several years now.And the time would also be as much.Just joking, I can't tell you how many pepper mills we have worn out!Those will cherished by the UT Grads for life.

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Excellent game

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thank u so much , it has been very helpful

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How you code a tournament into it


0:06 lmao perfect XD

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Both these players makes some very questionable moves all over the board makes me cringe

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what does it mean when he "adopts" someone?

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Mate in 1, still theory

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very nice explanation man

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This is one of the hardest problems EVA

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how does it sit without shifting. would be interesting to see fixing/installation