O que acontece quando tentam atacar o Magnus Carlsen?? | Carlsen Vs Dubov - FIDE World Blitz 2019

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Are you going

Are you going

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It was the former site of the old Santa Monica Bay Chess Club.At 50:10 isn't black fine after Nc5?Thanks for sharing all your tips.Everything's fine except the music, awful.Sharing my 4 units win gameplay:D hope you enjoy!Haha sharked him."Very nice Eric.

First Qxh8 then

First Qxh8 then

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Damage Control

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Efraim Daniel Angelo Romano

"Lahat yata ng mangyayari sakin na masama ay nangyari na" sobrang sakit nyan

r liikanen

Great presentation on Morphy ... I agree, the best there ever was, but I'm not too sure how he'd come out against a Fischer..


Akala ko ngapopo and kupal..

John Dunkan

Thanks a lot i really liked the video and laughed a lot. Very instructive. I am a beginner and I use a lot my queen but that will change!

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Marcus Man. Marcus Man.

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Pavlov Tarkovsky

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Raymond Webb


Goga Kekelia

Nice analysis. Very instructive. Thanks.

Pete Singleton

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Mark A Cesare

Yeah, Stieinitz was a long time ago and quite basic anyway -- like controlling the Knights. Better to go with your own ideas at this point. Agreed and understood. Very brave playing the Kings' Gambit and nice control of the situation to keep yours safer. Thx for sharing your tricks and thoughts there too. Excellent.

Andrei Chernikov

If you are interested in watching this from Danny John's perspective, watch Danny's video on Twitch:

Carlo Nassar

Next level of chess

Hayate Gekko

31:22 why not rook e8?


Lustig -)