Opening of the chess game (Sinhala)

He totally flipped us off.The shopkeeper loses Rs.I have this game and it’s so dumb it’s not a skill test it tricks you.You have to make cutters of a hard metal of that shape.This pod was like when GS would all be cooking at the same time with the Death Lineup.How many screws can you get in a piece of wood before it cracks?

There was no show of how you did the resin.Into his phone.The pawn merely looked like a pawn, but it was really a Queen in disguise.

You're a really great Youtuber.Great vid Shaun!Earth day April 22 and u posted in April 23.That female commentator is really annoying.It costs us a fortune in furniture.

Prime inception.

Prime inception.

He believes all Americans should have the right to a good education, good healthcare, a living wage and should all be treated with dignity.You gave the Super GM an easy positional win.Is we fold the paper 13 times it doesn’t exist anymore.What the purpose of this, it seems to shallow for a bowl, and heavy, because its to thick at bottom.I was wondering how you figured out where to start your 45 cuts with your dado stack for the top piece of the box so the melted sections were perfect with the o.Rick N morty lmaooo.I've laid engineered flooring, ceramic tile and wainscoting and I was terrified of trim and moulding.Hey can u tell me the screen upload briefly?Lebron is a Leader.

How did she move the rook like that?F3 is a blunder.Can you upload pragnanadhaa vs hikamura Tata steel 2018.You played so well.How come he didn't make a base or something for it to sit in instead of marking out the white lines he could have had a flat base behind it that's all red and if you didn't like it you just sand it away?And thats how anand became world champion - by pouncing on other's mistakes and by keeping on keeping on for 2 decades - entire careers have begun and ended, while anand kept prodding away.So eventually we ended in a stalemate.Fun fact the holes on the wheels say jpl in Morse code.Vegetarian my arse lol.

Lololololololololololololololololololololololol omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg.Great great game!Taper the bottom of the button so they close without pressing.I figured this was in the States like most of the vids.Greetings from Germany.

shaik lal sohail hussain

Dr: " I have got a bad news and good news"Patient: "What's the bad one?"Dr: "You got cancer"Patient: "Good one?"Dr: "You got cancer"


I don't like it when travel sets don't have strong magnets or a place to put captured pieces.There's doesn't seem to be a situation where you need a travel set but you don't want those things.Would also be nice if it locked in the open position.


4:37I think it's an overstatement to say that "Now of course, the queen cannot be captured."Qxc8 seems to be about the same as Ke7.If there is an important difference between the two moves, please explain what it is.

Tristan Yambao

ChessNetwork what chess software do you use? 

Naresh Sommanek

Can you please make a video how to get rid if a knight gives check to the king, and at the same time it attacks the rook or queen

Less glueing, more screwing...

Dan Kelly

This game could have been played by a GM Capa's style was already pure.

David Derifield

That moment we all know where you hold out your hand and no-one takes it so you slowly run in through your hair...


Agadmator, I am too a chess soldier, I have converted my father in law, father and daughter. I am in.

Hovering Van

Bruh every opening is his favourite opening

Fun Wong


Marvin Kalngan

I will fuckin' destroy you all!! .... my account is LordSky