One of the best chess studies ever!

Tbh this tutorial didn't help what so ever.He was doomed since the beginning.Make it for apple REEEEEE.Nice shot at 3:10.Its ok when they are explaining whats happening on the board, but most of the times its just Danny telling awkward jokes and missing the point.Im from Brazil anda Ipe is very cheap here.Musica ed immagini stupende.

HOW DARE YOU Great job.Great though :).To agadmator:Just so you know, I found the Saint Louis Chess Club through your channel.What's inside abullet.When magnus went bishop f1 and said boom, why is black rook f1 taking it not a good move?

Ask it to AtakanAtakan is little philosoph (i dont agree with that) in Turkey.Once I was with my mom my dance partner and I and so my mom thought our flight was at 8am but it was at 8pm so we hade to stay at the airport for 5-6 hours but tbh it was really fun playing roblox for that long.Love the duo talk!Could anyone tell me what does John mean by "Tempo" here?What saw blade did you use for the cuts and the music was awesome!Communist Who's your favorite chess playerstudent: Bobby FischerCommunist: uughhhrhh.Thankyou for amazing channel and keep going dear.Shouldn't have retreated his knight.8:05 I need this tool.

Great build and an awesome video

Great build and an awesome video

In this game Morphy didnt go for morphy's defense.Sorry English is do google.It's great to use the tools made by yourself.We're not nerds.That cnc machine is the most satisfying thing I’ve seen in my life.USA could have lost all the carriers, then lost 5 more, than another 9.We missed you so much.The ash was leftovers from kitchen cabinets my father did on a job.At 7:31 rook down is checkmate?What a nice guy.

Who is watching this in 2017?

Who is watching this in 2017?

That self check in fell flat.Thanks, from New Zealand:).Faam um vdeo dublado para a Lngua Portuguesa.You saved me time and money!I still love the furbies.Dis is a nice video.

Doesnt Believe in Charity.

Doesnt Believe in Charity.

With a smaller cake tin.What blade do you use to get a flat cut?I guess I am just a big kid - coz I really enjoyed that.You are so very skilled.Besides cutting finger love it.I have been enjoying "vinyl " for almost 63 years, but from this video I learned a LOT of NEW things about records.B4 instead of 10.

I did wince

I did wince

Great lesson by GM Krush!He made him quit.I am grateful since will now be able to average $5427 because of this web site here: Get PaidHome.Thanks for rounding out my knowledge there.But with that being said, he needs to give a bit more room to the Super GMs and let them express their thought process.

So I told

So I told

To get a regular bee head you have to either 1 shot them or trade with a wandering trader 2:50.Linus is awesome.I looked up the rule.Yyyyyessssss this is so beautiful.I don't think i can get 70 stars in that time in the normal SM64.I said something like "Hi there.Very much enjoyed your video, great tips!A literal child could do it.G4 %clk 0:15:19 c5 %clk 0:16:10 9.Wow great video, interesting solution.


Thank You for the videos!Nice shop.Love the Miter Saw Stand! So good to see your daughter out there helping!:)

Diego Chavez

Son personas muy ricas pero con muy mala actitud. Sin opcin.

Muhidden Misbak

Chesstalk In this position at 4:46, if Black: Qe7 and then White: Qd5, adding another defender to its pawn, how would I continue the game?

Lenny Monika Tjahyadi


Germany Rose


Takumi Sunadi

This makes me worry about having kids

Ben Nawrath

Rather than stagger for the second glue up, flip every other strip!

Derek Claxton

Love the table...but, your random thoughts on shaving and the weird ending...Not so much


So the Baha’i is like the religion that connects them all, right?

Kevin Allison

So much for the simple cell theory.

Do Go 24H

Great work!


I'm largely self taught in anything beyond grade 8, so I didn't learn about complex numbers until I got into electrical engineering. Learning complex numbers in the context of a practical application like AC anaylsis helped them make a LOT more sense to me. It's too bad most students in school don't have that same benefit. I can't count how many times I stuggled to learn a math concept in school only to discount it as arbitrary nonsense because I couldn't understand it from the rote memorization way we were meant to learn. I find it much easier to learn something if I'm able to connect it to something useful or meaningful so I can understand it from an intuitive point of view, rather than just memorizing that this is how it works and taking their word for it.

Al's Variety



He left Kirk's body at the bottom of the mountain. That grave is just for his ego.


Pluto is still a planet..... fight me!

Tom Cummings

WOW what a game

Rajat bhawsar

very useful session, thank you

50,000 Subscribers with no videos challeng e

When you don't even know what you are doing and it's GENIUS

Rusty Shakelford

I have absolutely no idea how I got here, but I'm so glad to have wandered over. Excellent build brother, you've got a new subscriber.


Who else just bought one of those Circle saw attachment after watching this

fox love 11

11:22 I can't be the only one that got it on time? He does a companion of his face to the epoxy resin one.

Dorjay Syengden

Use this bug and then get Kupa banned

Fuat Padem

We shouldn't be able to cut spheres this makes no sense , then go cut spheres to atomic sizes fill box like a filling with sand if you can bring them together anyway.