Noteboom Queenside Devastation!

In all seriousness what do you do at 9:41.Fisher makes this game look so simple.DearAgadmator, May I offer a linguistic suggestion: When a player takes a piece from his opponent you almost Always say: "Whites captures, Black Captures etc.I live in Quebec City!I cannot figure out how to make the hot glue smoke mold.

9 mechanical pencil.Holzman, good video.4:13 Is it just me or does that remind you of a song from a galaxy far far away where a bunch of clones attacked, when there was a big chase on a planet made up of one giant city?Oh, btw, no clamps either.

Is it just me or does Eugene dog looks like Mr.Thank you for uploading, Jerry!I dont bet with children lmao.Is Royce Da 5'9 the older brother of Chico bean.Thank you for adding this line to my repertoire!Jakkboy is officially DEAD.If the black becomes greedy and takes our rook with pawn then it's a blunder.

I have a few lumps

I have a few lumps

I was disgusted by the first 5 seconds.Knight's Journey is solvable.Myfocus at least.But probably I'm just not good enough to understand his thought process?My mother murdered my father when I was in the bed next to him.Wow I won my finals in chess with this trick.

That's Yosemite, not

That's Yosemite, not

Kitte to b gichiyaan hai bhai ismeReally itna sonche hunge wo log ya karte karte aagaya ki situation AisaMagar kuch b bolo bhai, Tmaari commentary to Engineering exam k ek raat pehle waali feeling yaad dilaadi.Tom yorkhe but his mum left him in the oven a little longer and got him done proper.Where did you have your logo stamp made.YouCanMakeThisToo.Happy holidays to you and yours, merry Christmas and Happy New Year.Text gridArray x, y.

Yes part 3

Yes part 3

Not really worth watching tbh.2:03:00 Never give up.I never speak during videos i might think to myself at most.Bu videodaki herkes neden mal amk.I’m almost surprised the frame didn’t collapse under impact.Watched the entire video.

Deanne MacDonald

You look like drake no lies


Come on sarasu

Anime Queen Monique Warde

Is James Australian? He sounds like my people

Brian Lowe

hallelujah !!!!!.......praise the white baby Elvis!!

Kenny Lindsay

I've been watching your tutorials for a few weeks now. Did you drink a lot of coffee before you did this one? LOL. Just teasing. I very much appreciate your sharing these. Very helpful and you've really got me back into playing Chess. Thank you!

dimitur anastasov

Awesome game man thank you :)

chaitali chakraborty

Tell me clearly how does a knight move