NO "MERE" SULTAN KHAN: The Genius Of Piece Activity

Respect to Svane for allowing the game to go to its bitter conclusion.Sell it as butcher block!"Engines are Engines, Samuel Servian is not an Engine".

"Film student of Roman Polanski.

"Film student of Roman Polanski.

That maker mark is looking great too.Man, Andreikin gave him the smackdown.All my fellow inmates here?I love the magician vs the gunner was that war cry or what ?As noticing the object is the same one.Nice pkwaan bhai.No I know how to make my curved trusses for the roof of my boat.Do you sell these?

I read that game in a book yesterday!"Thrust bushings?Ned’s eyes at the end."This is a position where Carlsen is just better.I feel it, chess will experience a higher interest and appreciation in the future, thanks to such great ambassadors for the royal game as you.That's a lie, you Liarrrrrrrrrrrrr.Plays a 2900 player and says, " to be honest, I didn't have to do too much.Felicidades haces trabajos muy bonitos.So clever just so dang cute.I enjoy your videos.

All of our so called leaders

All of our so called leaders

I love this, it looks so cool.Mtmwood - Do you know if any of your particular videos cover making the small end grain strips that you are doing the carving out of?Why Chess is so interesting?It's pretty nice bench good job.This is our justice system people.

Do you have a "Hi,

Do you have a "Hi,

Thanks for the vid, very interesting and intelligent content as usual :).Rooks in Sicilian usually belong on c-file, where Rxc3 theme to double white's QB pawns and maybe win the king pawn is always a threat.Thats just awsome!The Try Guys try becoming mermaids for a day.Glad you already selling out though.

Firips not philips?Not very interesting or informative,i like to learn from videos,but not this one.Flushing books down the toilet!Doesn't minesweeper make sure the first time you click is never a bomb?I am italisn so i now how to cook bolognese.Alan’s cholesterol level went up a hundred times by eating that soup.Can’t the rook immediately start taking pieces?And it is not "Blohm und Woss" but "Blohm und Foss".No matter what move black makes, white chases down that pawn structure and begins setting up passed pawns on the opposite side from black's king.U gotta get Shyheim on drink champd norie.

3 mins was dope thnx.

3 mins was dope thnx.

"And now I'm sitting here by myself, uh, talking to myself.If you think cromoly is tough, try working with Cro-Magnon.I think it was a guild qualification gun.Is any alternative for this?Why black and white people forget Snoop was also built in that genuine "PIMP era and was one himself and managed to make the best n most out of it!How many pieces didnt moved.It's estimated that 5% of the world population died as a direct result of their invasion.Sooo if that guy would have never kicked her in her stomach while pregnant then those 40 innocent people would still be alive?




I had no idea what i was watching

Michael Miller

I want to see Ben play a slow game.

Day that Fallows

I did not know he was such a normal human being! Wow!


Hay Linus.Would you please make a video how laptop like this could be upgraded to be more usable?Like upgrade the ram, add ssd or replace the screen with better one?I would be so awesome to see video like that.

From the Movies

Bias. Halatang nanalo ang SLU


Is that spongebob? Damn he sounds old. What the hell is he doing narrating chess tournaments?


So it's basically like ket it's the Egyptian version of this

Steve Collins

Outstanding, Nick! I haven't had a need to turn anything in the last couple of months, but have your video for drill press turning marked and plan to use this method when I do. Thanks


ill never understand why is the horse called knight. on every other language is called the horse. for example on serbian it is .

SANN Entertainment

8:26 she could play Qa1 rather than Qd6??

Vedanth Bhatnagar



came for the thumbnail, stayed for the chess

Bruno Ross

the videos title talk to me in so many levels hahah

Pitchin’ with Ashleigh

Omg.... those are not crayons... lol... and they’re not for men.... I’m dyinggg

The jupiter


af zal

Exam's in a week. Procrastinating by watching this video.

Dae Baby23

Bro you guys are the shit yall should go to the axtual conjuring house and play the ouija board