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But they stay put until you move them.Wish you have shown the miter saw cut angles more in detail on both ends.1:24:20 - the Iran- Ferouzja story was funny.Nothing worse than people borrowing tools and not giving them back.

You can just feel that something very very bad is gonna happen.Just because it doesnt bother me at all which way the board faces and i could read more whiny comments from ungrateful chess fans.That dude played sooooooo perfectly.Glad she still rotting in prison.FOR A MUCH DARKER LOOK!3:55 see, there IS a case for learning algorithms!Stop calling these things "cutting boards" :)If I had one of your pieces and anyone brought a knife anywhere near it I think I'd have a panic attack.

This is the scariest horror video i have seen since i first entered youtube.And black will finish.Cool, I was looking for a video game version of "wizard's chess" from Harry Potter and this is pretty close.Aww this cake is sooo beautiful and looks tasty.I loved the quote from Demosthenes.

Lou was treating Azar like a hostile witness.

Lou was treating Azar like a hostile witness.

Some mathematics do not even have a real world analog, they are purely theoretical.Not as simple to use.It also leads to a possible for with white bishop and queen with c6 knight ending the exchange and threatening bishop g4.Im a beginner, and i Dont really understand how at 6:11 moving the night to C3 prevents black from trading queens.Jinx gotta be high lol.I remember when this happen.I mean Anand can continue his life with the move Rg7 right guys?The mug thing at the end made me realize the four somewhat resemble the four cardinal animals from chinese mythology- yaknow, tiger, turtletortoise.Study Dr Robert Cathcart vitamin C for example.

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Tuan Dao

Anh oi 2:50 vua qua f1 duoc ma anh

David Shevack

Who won

dn TT

10:36 sao anh k ly Hu n tt A7


teach me master

Quang Nhat Nguyen

Hay hay hay


Great video! I'm a Thrive distributortoo.


what is DEGTORAD 0.017453f ?

Zil Max

epic now onto micromachining

Brads Workbench

Great video. Ive got one coming out tomorrow about my super secret paste wax finish

Tarek Calligraphe

hwo won ?


I can ride a bike and whistle at the same time - but that's about it. I have no clue what went on in these games. I'm just shocked by the speed of things.

Kristian Rasmussen

Nice project Steve - have a great weekend

barefoot arizona

Dents in pine only add character

WilliamWu FTW AoPS

11:49, didn't magnus have Bc5, winning the queen?

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Amazing, tx


"An hour and twenty minutes of recording time.""I have a feeling I'm going to go longer than that."Classic John lol


I miss CNC Machining :(


Great job explaining the zwischenzug. Now, I will have a pretzel.


What does he mean at 3:00I don't get how it would be catastrophic for black???Please help

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With spike ball who actually has friends?