No One Became World Champion by Accepting a Draw | Tal vs Botvinnik 1960. | Game 1

I don't like the music.I know I'm a lil late but just seen your video.Probably Jews hating on the great Fischer.Jane Sanders said "corporate socialism" has benefited billionaires like President Donald Trump and Michael Bloomberg, while hard-working U.I thought it was oranges on thumbnail.Ugh how did I get 4 wrong?My guess is "szeweningen2" spelled herhis name funny because she's Polish.

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I rest my case, as I drink my beer.At 1:43 Spawn should go to cover King and then fight bishop, it is more logical.Why the hell he was raped so many times!So awesome, thanks, including for the template.Edit: also 17:49?

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Jack B

"I need more room, so I moved from the garden shed to a local castle"... Wtf

Java Jones

So beautiful!!

Jason Fortenberry

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Badidea Bearcub

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Dwight Keller-Williams

I've been playing a lot of pawn e4 pawn e5 games, or pawn d4 pawn d5 games. just trying to get used to those kinds of lines.


I dont think so people want to hear the bla bla


Why doesn't he stick with Shogi? Or Xiangi or whatever it's called


That is absolutely beautiful...

Dan Barrett

question Shaun, what thickness plywood on bottom 1/2"? also did you adhere felt only inside chessboard?


Bro os are not 0s