[Nightcore] [AMV] everytime we touch { owari no seraph }

My man was bitting his fingers the whole time.Moe at 17:21 I heard a Voice say yeah.Bad internet here.Chalk chompOr is it chain chalk?Kasparov I have to go, I got a plane.I say it’s actually really bad.Laurent Fressinet is the too weak too slow guy, right?

Where is the GPUI'm sorry it crashed.This game is so aggressive that PEGI is considering whether or not they need to classify this as 18.Did kurt just lose interest or what?When your camera getting blur it's was big energy from another dimension and it was very close to you.I always love seeing Morphy games.This guy seems cocky, but i enjoy watching him because he does have a good personality and easily explains what he is thinking.I look forward to purchasing my MINI!And who is NiTe90 ?

These Magnus moves

These Magnus moves

So if it exist it may be the spirit world, the realm of Gods kingdom.Excalibur fantom did that 20 years before.I like this father son operation.They destroyed a $500 chess board.Not to mention my belt sander is inoperative at the moment, so I'm going to buy into this system and make sure I don't l misplace anything.1:47What if heshe move Knight NC3.

Burt looks younger because his face is fat and cherubic.Is this game for SALE yet?Nice game,but theoretical novelty was actually 22.When the inside got to final I.14:45 "if you are printing at night and the screen bothers you" says Joseph.Just subscribed and now I am binge watching all your stuff.

Thank you Magnus is poor player for premium appreciate it:D.Hidden on the body or in.Ang laki na nya.You guys should do legos with out instructions and all they have is the lego box it came in.Your Opponent's fide rating is 2035.I cut all the pieces to length (except the table top) and assembled them using glue and dowel rods only.

How exactly do

How exactly do

Like This Kung kilala mo si BONITA In KADENANG GINTO.I feel like the phrase Post Rock doesn't even begin to describe how fascinating this music truly is.ECONOMY IS ALL TRUMP DOING,MORE WORKING PEOPLE TRUMP.11:32 why not queen takes knight and its gonna be good for black !Can you make a video on Latin squares and touch a little bit upon Sudoku please?What a strange last move from white?Please help me, how can i create student withdrawal form from university by using netbean (java).Fun game to watch.Privacy and bitcon ?If you told me you time-travelled to 1983 and ripped this from a middle school’s VHF player I’d believe you.

Another awesome video, thanks.

Another awesome video, thanks.

The game against The GM were he trolled The 8 first moves was fantastic, that's a monsters right there.This is why everyone thinks that they’re at least bi or pan or smth.Im 52 2-11-2020.Thank u chess talk.Nerd power is strong in this video.Sorry to sar, but what a stopid way to learn cars how to drive.Wow i thought i was fast, well there as fast as me!Im 8yrsold i literally can beat people with just 6 moves.In a trash talk battle.I’m definitely going to make a set of these.

muneeb Ashraf

Mayru ayi


Great video. After using it a while, do you think the x carve will work for cutting/carving your sculpted chair seats?


Are you german?The Ah Ok i think is german


Wait, there's a stair in FRONT of the fireplace?I think I would have moved before putting a mantle up!

Ranjit Singh

I did it! It is actually simple thanndoing it on a pencil tip but it is not as simple for all .


i played over these games lots of times mainly for enjoyment, i did not look through enough the reasons behind the moves because i cannot look deeper to analyse combinations, watching thisclears things up and adds more to my enjoyment!!! thanks Yasser!!! and CCSCSL!!! :D

Enola Gaillard

Narrative reach rain general before guard tide persuade library.

Dave Bar

Yes ...next time barbies corvette needs a new engine I know who to call

shiv Potkar

Are you a hindu (indian) or america

Kari Greyd

Where did you get that T shirt it's awesome

Ankyapally Madhu Sudhan

Show any critical manual programming if possible..

Lubna Rafiq

Colourful spatula

Dom Guilfoyle

I want to see Irving Finkel go up against Alan Moore. Not necessarily at this game, I just want to see them having a chat.

jisung kim

grace place

Hello Steve Ramsey, where have you been all my life. I love how to teach and you are funny to.I need your help.I only have a electric saw and a drill,I'm going to build my grandson a platform bed my plans for the bed the bed will sit about 35'' tall and I want to build cabinets with drawers.What will be the most easiest and cheapest why to do this? Will also build stairs for the bed.HELP!!!!!!