Yes I know what a pin is.Jago main catur mantap jiwa.But one suggestion.Sounds a crap ton like the maze runner not gonna lie.As commited DIY nerds we are, we should build such a machine outselves.Why didnt the duke attack the bishop on the right side with a pawn.This is a job for one person 4 - 6 weeks max.

I discovered this fractal myself before I heard about it.After all of these years of watching and following 3Blue1Brown it was Numberphile that finally integrated a face to his voice!I'd rather watch it from the players perspective.Totally purge the crap they sent, junk, no consistency.That was awsome.You'll save a lot of money.Love your videos Jerry.MAGNIFIQUETHANK YOU, GOODTALENTS.Turn to right 90 degrees.My opening is Pawn to a4 and then pawn to h4.

Seriously, who are the 14 idiots who

Seriously, who are the 14 idiots who

Thanks Antonio for the knight line.Would using a miter gauge be ok to cross cut the chess board?Nice and interesting summary!I didn't get why the match over.If this video teaches anything, it's to try another video.But everywhere else I'm seeing these caricatures about how magnus let fabi slip from his clutches.Solipsistically Who doesn't like Jerry?

I see the same pattern going on!Egoios because rook on e1 can take the queen.' on a bright pink 8-Track!Really like these tournaments.Your anonymous friend has the best chess quote i've ever read.Bagaimana bila lawan maju b satu langkah bareng dengan g satu langkah.I can buy this real wood chessboard locally below $40.So Beautiful (awesome ) respect.In short, engine did all the analysis :-).Am i the only one who even after watching the whole video and reading almost all the comments, thinking.

Would it not be faster to just rough the whole part with a high feed mill?2:48 The Pawn be like "Hey, what happened?It is not necessary to define both kings on same color and odd number of squares in between.We are making a river table and were thinking what could be a good idea apart from buying expensive plexi glass or acrylic glass.Your's and Jonathan Schrantz' work with the St.I saw you sanding and then the next thing I see the fiberglass and they are in two pieces.Thank you so much!At minute 7, "is this a draw" I suspected Magnus to say "if I play this against Alireza, black is winning".Thank you for your efforts on all your videos, they are all so good and fun to watch.

9:56 the kid could just move pawn to 7C and win the game.Pour 50 est egale un verre ?WOOOOW LOL I PLAYED A GAME RIIIIIIIIIGHT AFTER WATCHING THIS AND THE GUY PULLED OFF THE SAME OPENING LOLHe gave me his rook though, not the mate in 11 (surrendered after 10 tho) :.Super duper useful.Humble brag about the movie smdh.

Andy C

Cant get enough of your videos. Really great.

Vaishnav Vaishnav


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1 number

Wiell Nyan

It’s just a googolplex with twenty more zeros

Rk Sharma

Abbi b chal bach rhi thi

Araceli Rodrguez

How magical I'm surprised that amazing magic stop

mitesh borkhetariya

Well done

Tiny Tim

If a gm played that against me if see the mate but I would be looking for traps for at least 30 minutes before I played the mate if I even had the balls to play it at all


bishop not hanging oh yeah 6 for 5

Zen Croth

Haha what a piece of shit


Beautiful job but what a Shitfull house layout.Stairs next to the fireplace ???