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Hey Shaun, great stuff, sure we would have more of your furniture if we lived a little closer.How about we talk about that dope freaking shirt.1:40 Magnus: Is this a rook?Hahahaha when John hugged Eugene.But only after watching in short spurts over the last month.I feel much more confident about using handplanes.Learned how to play with the old school CD.

Welcome back, my cousins.Nice mate on 1:27:00 ).What are your thoughts on the Irwin record No.You are a good patient teacher too.Awesome teacher!Even GM has a moment like thissl.Why doesnt julz from above have a youtube channel.

I had to stop it and

I had to stop it and

At 4:12 why not bishop takes knight on b3?People in my school and the do the same and I opp.Cah-pah-blahn-ka not capeblenkeDamn, I've never been so irrationally irritated by the mispronunciation of a name haha.These are so cool.Why not 4 squares, or 2?

MrRailgun Palmy.But -Using magnets in some way, the pieces could go over the edges to play underneath except for the two corners it sits on.I particularly like the support bearings.How tf was he even free.You were around thousand years ago?

Qf6 1-0 Well played!I was demonstrating the portal acting as an obstical stoping the bishop from checking the king.The only one i got right was 9 x3.I'll be doing that from now on!Goodluck for the knight.It is on the chip!One year later, and there still isn’t any Italian subtitles.

Redmar Kerkhof

That is one nice anvil!


Omg yes

Antonio Rodriguez

Un trabajo gran trabajo, yo dira perfecto. Enhorabuena, voy a intentar hacerme una. Gracias por mostrarnos este trabajo, una gran idea !!!. Desde Espaa, un abrazo.

Justin van Wijk

I kinda got clickbaited I think. He didn't really sac his Queen. It was just a place were he could move his Queen and he did.

Timbul Tenggelam

I followed and learnt a lot from your video.. And this is your first video also my first commend.. The way you speak in this time very cute tho.. But no bamm no bomm

Cpt. ProlapsoR

Ben should have a taser for this class...


I find woodworking very relaxing.I could watch you do it all day.)


Wow, after 18.Qd2 Fabi lost the plot.. and then he spent 40 minutes for 20.b4, and then spending lots of time and all downhill from then on, while Carlsen was just playing 'good' moves quickly(although he spent 20 minutes on 15.Qe7). If Caruana ever wants to be world champ then he can't play like this. Can't spend so much time on BAD moves.. if you're gonna play bad moves might as well do it quickly. COMPARED TO CARLSEN, Caruana isn't a good rapid/blitz player, he's all book and if he gets out of book the quality of his play drops pretty fast. And yes, i said compared to Carlsen. Of course he's still top 5 classical player and SuperGM, but yeah. I don't think he has the nerves/speed/energy to beat someone like Carlsen.

Hey I'm a Maker

0:04 "Oh hello there, I didn't see you come in."

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Steven Jennings

Looks Awesome except for the flap where you did not shape it


My triceps hurt

Chess with Suren

Amazing work although the pieces don't look pretty but the board rocks!


I know how to use those and I am only Lincoln's age.

Moe G

14:08 why wasn't Kf6 played?

Jeff Carmel

Just an Amazing video and learning process !!Thank you Jeff

Sagar Dewangan

Bhag be chutiya

Kalaiselvi Saravanan

In shop how should I ask red velvet crumbs How to make red velvet crumbs

Hmm GimmeSum

So many of these types of videocant you just show the game ?instead of an endless what if he did that nonsensecoment on what happened not what might of happened