We should all listen to everything they say.Chess is easy peasy because I can defeat my opponent in each and every game.I've heard some people refer them as complex.53 with c4 at last open tourney), and even adopted the Italian because you showed that it ain’t that boring keep up the great work.Have you ever tried - Mahorrla Facile Wealth Method (Sure I saw it on Google)?Your presentation was organized, progressed well, and kept the interest high throughout.Becareful you guys.You forgot to give us a recipe, that is something we can follow as a starter and customize for our own purpose.

How come you the clock is moving in the reverse mode.Wondering if you could send those along?Shout out Nakamurs yo!Looks like a cheap crappy set.J : It's forkless Two geniuses playing some chess and having some fun.

WOOOOOOOW this looks awsome :-) Now go make me 1 with a Tie Interceptor in a bottle -).Ganda ng story:).A serial killer never caught huh?Thus, the Coronavirus wins and this is what we are experiencing on a global scale!They can earn more money by shoving the pawns right through their asses.THIS IS GONNA HURT.Woaww how did lincoln grew up this fast.

Bcoz it was made from real metal and makes so much students get injured.Then moved back to the chair.It's the only one that fits the description of the set.It would be great if we could hear what the class members are saying as well.I love this video, thank you so much 3.

Sweet baby Jesus Christ.

Sweet baby Jesus Christ.

E4 instead of Qxe3 ?The opposite of firefly is waterfall.Play store la intha app Ella bro.With rolling two 1-6 dies you won’t ever get 1, is there a number that can’t be made between 1-11 that can’t be made with the 0-5 and 1-6 dies?A very useful video.First draw I saw in this series.Interesting, because it doubts about the theory we are used to.

Gaius Baltar

Ive played this game. King me!

Daniel Medrano

If there's anything I love more than great videos about Kasparov's chess abilities, its ads that pop up in the middle of the video directly over the board and screen, just telling me where I can find more videos. I hope there are pop up ads on those videos too. My absolutely favorite part. Thanks. 

Rainer Buesching

YasserSeirawan look at 26:43 ? why can't White build up some pressure with Bh6 ?

Tigran TV

hi GM Igor..can you make video also for variation 1. b3 Nf6 2. Bb2 g6 thanks

Maciek Trybuszewski

We know the results, agad. :-)

Newty Boy

shoulda done RGB

Alexa P


Fred Miller

This was fun to watch! Thanks for sharing with us!


Beautiful lamps, nice work

Tal Elad

GOOD JOB MATE!!!!!!!!!

tango tango

so Beautiful (awesome ) respect

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Jamal Wilson

I feel like drink champs should release these interviews the next day and not months later. Great interview though

Errica Andrews

This is such an amazing piece!! You are truly talented!!

Awerty Stack

18:13 "there's really no good moveto make. And whatever move you make its really no good because there isn't a good move here"

Dodo Islamuddin

Getting handcuffed with zach is torture LoL eugene, you did the right things

Bryan Jay Melo

I love playing chess. Im not good tho

Mike Kill

She wasn’t even trying

Adomas Kuzinas

i feel so sorry for Peter having to play on this clunky interface! you can clearly see him dragging the pieces like a piece of chewing gum and every move taking at least a second. I just hope he secretly has a lichess account so hes got a way to experience the joy of online blitz. And shame on Magnus and other owners of chess24 for still not having hired a proper tech team and solving the interface issues - the site has by far the worst playzone of all major sites. Anyway, great job by Peter, it was entertaining to watch.


I wish I could design one of these.. I know the three flaws.

Ilyas Hamid

I think the guy won it by fluks.


How come his wife isn't buying him chocolate on Valentine's day? He's a sexist dinosaur.Hopefully his philanthropy will take into account the death toll of the disadvantaged gender.Also, hopefully he will help them not have to work as many hours without risking getting divorced.

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Beautiful work, and funny comments below. I love your videos. Most modulated voice ever! And exquisite workmanship!