Never Seen Anybody Get Pluckilated Like This! Carlini vs Brooklyn Dave

21:47 Why would it not work anymore?With all the poverty in the world.Ex: Oka abbai ki accident aindi ee post share chesi help cheyandi ani untundi aa post lo.I found the mate in 3!large pendulum.I become the god of a world where only the just remain!8:26 Did he get 'im, 1.Beautiful and simple.

It seems to work, buddies.Hello my Lovely Yamabiko 1220Very Good Very Nice your Working and your Video thanks so much Goodbye next Video.So both players lost perhaps due to time pressure.30:51 What memories the Talbot solara, my father had one.Carl: they had evil eyesMe: Cool motive, still murder.Anyway i like this kind of video, great job!Would like to see what they say.And you couldn't even release a single decent game.No offense to you at all, i do admire your effort in trying to analyze is this game in the simplest way possible for everyone to understandBut heres the thing, you are analyzing a top level game that involves lines and variations that exceed 10 15 20 move, and all youre focusing on are things like "black cant move his queen here because the knight just takes" this is not the way to analyze such a high rated gameRegardless of that, props for the effort.Bg3 is not the best move in this variation, according to Stockfish (possibly because a kingside attack is not warranted).

He "Knows when to hold them and knows when to fold 'em.How do I buy one?1000for note 200 of bag.Is this the machine from 60s?This battle was not twork.Magnus is an alien.Your work Is beautiful.WOWRed is going for $8,500.You deserve an award just for your patience in the workmanship.This is an extremely well done project, however I do have one critique.

But how do you charge 100x if they are a start out business.Sorry, late to the part.Try it outM L Rogers.This is different, thx.Hikaru always looks angry like a 5yo kid begging for a toy,especially when he is on the bad circumtances.Many indians have no idea who Robert james Fischer is.And i wouldnt leave the quija board alone either.9:56 Now start reading beautiful comments by beautifully minded people.At 2:35 looks like black wins a pawn on e4the computer thinks this is by far the best move.I say keep a match between Magnus and this Hess.

Vince Joseph Ona

BS. i got it in under 10 secs

Ben LePage

Anyone else get the back to the future joke? 1.21gigawatt

jayanth mukkala

Loss is 1000 bro bcoz he gives bag of zero profit and he 800 also

Bappa Sinha

His father thamuz is far better then him..

Trisom TG

John didint laugh once

You earned a solid sub from me DUDE

Jonathan Daniels

Cant believe I still never watched it, thanks for the upload

Teh Munchkin

17:01 fail sevchenkoo movieee

JM Adventures

How's the dog? Is he still kicking?

Riki fajar kurniawan

Dan kasih 5 langkah awal pertahanan dan analisisnya om? Please. Biasanya d awal permainan posisi saya udh gak kondusif mudah d serang.

Andrew Cash

Your video edit was flexing so hard it was a little too much, it was so cool and professional but maybe no repetitive music and maybe some talking and telling us what you do to make it

lee flemwell

All this kit......and a home made guitar.

contend contemd

Do you havethe recipefor yourchocolatecake


49.30 a fart?

Rask R

Seems like a great party game


Wow, amazing disgusting engine line, that was awesome

Scrotum Deleter

That disinfectant can’t be good for the environment, give it 1 year and it will be linked to increased cancer rates.

Dana Maennchen

I just bought this game on a trip to Iceland. It's super interesting and enjoyable. Me and my son daughter have had a few games together. They love it.

Captain Charisma

I'm so dumb

Hustle Crowe

I just noticed at the beginning of the video a DING DING DING like a fight bell


Why is HDPE not in the list? It is the best option for recycling.