O sulyban elmejor.To get anything out of openings you need to have a feeling of what you want to achieve in the opening.The greatest mistake in chess history was the day I picked up a brochure on the rules and said, "Now let me see if I can learn this game.

Dude the mirror in the basement said

Dude the mirror in the basement said

Can't it be just 0,(0)1?This is indeed the most beautiful but also the most expensive.This guy is hilarious !I became a much better player after reviewing only a handful of your lessons.Phenomenal chess content as usual.

My god, do you not see how

My god, do you not see how

(oh my god, I want these plans so badly).Thanks for your time and effort.I am so thankful for these videos always puts me in a good mood.0:45 "Shouldve let Thamuz teach you how to FIGHT"Proceeds to kill Thamuz.I'm a fan from India.Ahahahha OMG5:58, 7:30, 8:20.Wooow cuts the shoe, to after discover that its only one button smh.

Bf5 pinning the rook on d3.

Bf5 pinning the rook on d3.

17:00 I think behind you is not an octopus, but jellyfish.He told me there was a beautiful Brazilian Rosewood Goodall Standard with a cutaway sitting in a small shop 30 minutes from my home near LA.Pound and ball and proof 3rd time 4.If you have so many the drawer can't close, seek the help of a professional tool-aholic counselor.I plan to do one of these.Guy you seriously need to consider buying a wind filter for your mic.But what if my opponent has brain.Why not push the black pawn to d4, instead of the knight?Straight talking.They called his wife.

Sa lahat ng nagpunas ng luha na pasimple taas kamay.That's almost 600 dollars,.Another great video.3 level naku vere telusu.Thank you for the great video :Dp.Riga and the world should be proud of Tal.I was surprised to see the board oriented with "loser on bottom".I swear I heard the phone go say your dead.

CummiBear 69

Why didn't you tell me sooner, I was just yesterday at ikea


This video was super convenient.Just when my history grades start to decline, this video comes out. Thanks for the free A, mate. I'm gonna enjoy it while I have it.


Slow the speed down to 75 % you can hear better


Dungeon Hunter?

Dik Tracy

I think, and its just my opinion, you were in a pacifist mood. Had you killed the birds with one stone, youd have the killer instinct and win...)

Paul Morphy

Carlsen is such a happy wholesome chap isn't he? When you look at some of the characters who have been WC down the years...


2:30 that handshake was so feminine