Bait ng umampon.Y am I here lol.Subrang iyak ko.

I'll be making most of these for sure.The white queen is under attack and the mating squares of g6 and d4 are covered.Its also formula.200, the he 200 uske pass.Just clap it up cause I used the game over finishing move.Edit: changed the time.If one breaks and hits you in the eye, youre blind.I can ride a bike and whistle at the same time - but that's about it.My little brothers destroy absolutely any device I give them.But something obvious is missing.

Awesome stuff as always.

Awesome stuff as always.

And do you know what ale's main ingredient is?I predicted anands 4 movesTruly appreciate his mindBut opponent was good too.This is the 7th time I'm watching this game here and still can't get my head around this brutal dominant masterpiece.Kind of like a kung fu deflection of the force.He'll give us quite the show you'll see.It's bloody intolerable.The way he teaches encourages people to try and learn.

I challenge you, bringing

I challenge you, bringing

Would you sell it ?And driving the leds, depending on the moves, whenever it safe, the led goes green, and turn to yellow when threat detected, and red when one of the queen of each sides is threatened.Do you guys think that if Joe Rogan was commentating on a match in which Connor McGregor was dominating his opponent that he'd start asking the other commentator if he has any PG jokes?I’ll have to get mine the old fashioned way,buy it.Where do you get the idea that you can't use an impact driver as a drill?Misleading headline.A case of a Anand over-trusting his opponent?We are very fortunate to exist at the same time as you.You were so close at the end too - need do it again get a couple more points this time :).

Rook to a5 attacking bishop.

Rook to a5 attacking bishop.

You triggered my OCD).As if an AIO is any better.They're expensive, and I don't know whether I should buy one.Everyone else crazy.Now i know it seems unbelievable but i can really do this.It didnt turn out well.I liked the recommendations.Jerry, it was a nice video.Has Q from James Bond taken on a sideline job, I have not a clue why but this guy does really reminds me of him.

It will be even

It will be even

Now I know really good Chess tricks!My favourite investigation thriller movie.Tackle what God is please.Main online bro.I was truly expecting people sized chess pieces.


Another masterpiece commentary by Yasser Seirawan!! Chess is so beautiful!


Works in China: 1 7th of the population: (()')

Phani Kumar

Nf5 followed by Rh7 then Qg7

Gamerx Ff

Espetculo essa music lindo

Marfiro Garcia

2:03:00 rest in peace Benko, respect MC!!

Echecs - Hub City Chess

For sale?


Adhiban is one of my favorite chess players. Since this tournament, he's passed the 2700 rating.


Nice hut

Mohamed Elsayed

I don't like the pieces. Is it a pawn or a bishop??

Indo Cryptomaniac

5:10 queen sacrifice? and bishop takes knight rook E4? 2 to mate? Anyone?

Kailash sharma Mechanical Works

Sir please tell us about how to cut radious on face using y and z axis or x and z axis..I mean to say G19 or G18


USA USA !!!!


bal esp


abhishek biswas

Very nice game brother